Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool

Written by Stephan Szugat

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Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool

A business is only able to grow as fast asrepparttar internal organisation is able to process higher volumes of sales. But how to get an optimal internal organisation? Well, you will need to adapt your internal organisation over and over again. It's a never ending story. However, a Company/Employee Handbook could assist you to achieverepparttar 147487 best internal business organisation.

This brings uprepparttar 147488 question, What has to be included in a Company/Employee Handbook? Everything what has influence to your business operation. First of all, it has to be outlined which areasrepparttar 147489 Company/Employee Handbook will cover. As it has to do with internal operation, here is a list of items you should include:

- Company Background Information (Name-Development, Foundation date and place, History-Milestones, Vision) - Owner and/or Manager Bios/Profiles - Listing of Officers and Board of Directors - Employment Roles (Job Roles, Job Descriptions) - Description ofrepparttar 147490 main products and services (just use your marketing material) - FAQ (about internal subjects only) - Company timeline (What, when, where) - Office procedures (Workflow-Information, Working Procedures) - List of persons to know (Bank Contact, Tax Advisor, Laywer, Main Suppliers, etc.) - Overview of agreements (Rental, Leasing, etc.) - Internal Policies (Dress code, Phone usage and answering, Voice Mail Procedure, Parking, Business Cards, Drug Policy, etc.).

The above list shows which information should be included. The following list shows which departments should be included:

- Distribution - Inventory/Warehouse - Marketing (How Follow-up's are handled, Lead-Generation, etc.) - Customer Support - Research and Development - Accounting - Human Resources - Purchase/Procurement.

The above two lists just show, how complex it could be to setup a Company/Employee Handbook. But it don't have to be complex, just start partial. Only includerepparttar 147491 information which are already available and userepparttar 147492 help of your employees. The benefits of having a Company Handbook are numerous, your employees will save time, it will be easier to improve procedures, becauserepparttar 147493 procedures will be broken down into small sections ofrepparttar 147494 whole procedures. Everything is clearly described, so nobody needs to ask over and over again. In case of holiday or illness of an employee, others could jump intorepparttar 147495 job, because they could be trained faster.

Firewords: A Dangerous necessity in your life?

Written by graham and julie

There are many stories of people injuring themselves, and others, with Firewords inrepparttar old wild days of entrepreneurship and it is usually passed off asrepparttar 147030 price that had to be paid in order to win. However, as time passes, there is a tendency to confuse reality with myth about how people rose to be so successful. The myth tends to appear as reality and that can be dangerous especially as we are all becoming more aware of our rights andrepparttar 147031 speed ofrepparttar 147032 internet and bloggers to highlight indiscretions. Could it be thatrepparttar 147033 days ofrepparttar 147034 hard talking, difficult to please, arrogant, self possessed workaholic isrepparttar 147035 stuff of daydreams, films and bar room fantasies? Could it be that those who followrepparttar 147036 Firewords behaviour of: ridiculing others, being angry in traffic jams, being impatient because things are not movingrepparttar 147037 way they would like them to move, or their desires are not being met, bawling outrepparttar 147038 secretary when things are not as they would like, constantly accusing people of being of a lower mental disposition i.e. they are thicků. , insulting another person needlessly, etc etc etc are unaware that their use of Firewords to stun, subdue or destroy another person are on a slippery slope of losing their power and effectiveness? Every time you lose control of yourself you become less effective as a boss, colleague, parent, friend or child. Every time you set offrepparttar 147039 weapon of mass destruction you reduce your chance of being successful. You increase your chance of destruction. The problem is, like firing a firearm,repparttar 147040 more you use Firewordsrepparttar 147041 more residue is deposited onrepparttar 147042 surrounding area i.e. on you andrepparttar 147043 people close to you.

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