Communicating Across Time Horizons

Written by Robert F. Abbott

There was a time in my life when I sold life insurance. Well, to be frank, I tried to sell life insurance. With little success.

And while I didn't sell any insurance, I did learn a thing or two, and I'd like to explore one of them with you today - time horizons.

Some ofrepparttar prospective policyholders I met could visualize themselves well intorepparttar 141335 future, say 20 or 30 years intorepparttar 141336 future. They were obviously good prospects for life insurance. Others focused more onrepparttar 141337 coming year or few years. To them, something that might or might not happen 20 years ahead was a pure abstraction with little relevance.

Now, let's put these perspectives into a communication context: When you send or receive messages, do you factor inrepparttar 141338 time horizon ofrepparttar 141339 person who sent you a message or gets one from you?

Let's consider an example that's similar to my experience. Say you're trying to sell mutual funds to a new investor. You enthusiastically point outrepparttar 141340 possibility of getting rich by saving every month for perhaps 25 years. Butrepparttar 141341 person acrossrepparttar 141342 desk looks at you with a blank face. Perhaps he's thinking to himself thatrepparttar 141343 money could be used to pay downrepparttar 141344 loan on his truck in three years instead of five, and then he could buy a new one much sooner.

Or, considerrepparttar 141345 time horizons that involve communication between managers andrepparttar 141346 people who report to them. Generally speaking,repparttar 141347 higher you are in a hierarchy,repparttar 141348 further ahead you're expected to look and anticipate.

How a Computer Consulting Business Can Help Your Company

Written by Joshua Feinberg

How a Computer Consulting Business Can Help Your Company

While many small companies only call in a local computer consulting business when something computer-related breaks, thereís a lot to be gained by forging a proactive, long-term relationship with a local computer consulting business in your area.

Consider Getting Advice from a Computer Consulting Business

If you need to get advice once-in-a-while on how your computers can be better utilized, or you have a specific computer-related problem that needs to be solved, a computer consulting business is generallyrepparttar way to go.

However, if computer-systems and information technology (IT) are really important to your industry and your company, outsourcing your computer-related service needs to a local computer consulting business is often a much better solution than just piecemeal, ad-hoc usage of a computer consulting business.

Hiring a Computer Consultant

Many computer consulting businesses choose to specialize and end up becoming extremely valuable to their particular area or niche. In many cases, these kinds of computer consulting businesses can know almost as much about your industry and competitive challenges as you do.

So to help your company grow and to make sure itís not being short-sighted with its computer-related needs, consider getting advice from a computer consulting business.

Wearing Lots of "Hats" is Fine... But Donít Let These "Hats" Blind-Sight You

Sometimes small companies already have an idea of what their computer-related needs are when they enlistrepparttar 141299 help of an outside computer consulting business.

There are several advantages to bringing in an outside computer consulting business, as opposed to trying to limp along with someone internally who just wearsrepparttar 141300 "hat" ofrepparttar 141301 occasional computer person.

One ofrepparttar 141302 most important reasons to bring in a computer consulting business though is that a computer consultant is someone who is an expert in his or her field. This means you can have access to an expert for a fraction ofrepparttar 141303 cost it would take to hire that caliber of professional on a full time basis.

In almost all cases, a computer consultant like this can troubleshoot problem much faster and much more effectively than your internal employees.

A Fresh Computer Consultant Perspective

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