Common mistakes motorcycle buyers make when looking for a motorcycle loan

Written by Jay Fran

Whether interest rates are high or low or it'srepparttar end of a model year with lots of incentives, motorcycle buyers tend to makerepparttar 102777 same mistakes when shopping for a motorcycle loan. Here are four common mistakes motorcycle buyers make with motorcycle loans.

Shopping for a motorcycle before shopping for a motorcycle loan. Many motorcycle buyers enterrepparttar 102778 showroom looking for a motorcycle before they determine how much money a motorcycle lender is willing to loan to them forrepparttar 102779 purchase of a motorcycle. There is no need to shop for a $20,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle, if a lender is only willing to provide a loan amount of $10,000.

Additionally, once motorcycle buyers enterrepparttar 102780 showroom slick salespeople often pressure them into motorcycle loans with much higher internet rates than they could have gotten had they shopped for a motorcycle loan at a bank, credit union or online. Salespeople do not like motorcycle buyers to leaverepparttar 102781 dealership to get a motorcycle loan. Inrepparttar 102782 salespersons mind this only increasesrepparttar 102783 chance of loosing a sale and commission. Therefore, salespeople frequently try for a quick sale which normally results in pushing motorcycle buyers to get motorcycle financing atrepparttar 102784 dealership.

The bottom-line is that it is always best to shop for a motorcycle loan before enteringrepparttar 102785 showroom.

Diving intorepparttar 102786 unknown motorcycle loan. Motorcycle buyers often jump into motorcycle loans that they do not completely understand or may not berepparttar 102787 best alternative for them. For instance, in today's age manufacturers frequently run credit card motorcycle loan promotions on their private-label credit cards. But these promotions typically offer a low interest rate for a short term like 12 or 24 months and have a much higher interest rate afterrepparttar 102788 short promotional term. On a credit card promotion if motorcycle buyers can not afford to pay offrepparttar 102789 loan duringrepparttar 102790 short promotion period, then they are typically better taking a slightly higher interest rate on an installment motorcycle loan for a longer term.

Borrowing too much. The most common mistakerepparttar 102791 first time motorcycle buyer makes in not having a clear sense of how much motorcycle they can afford. This is especially true for young motorcycle buyers who look to buyrepparttar 102792 top sport bikes that cost up to $10,000 - $15,000. What they fail to realize is that financing a $10,000 - $15,000 motorcycle can stretch them to thin, resulting in them having little cash to enjoy themselves andrepparttar 102793 motorcycling lifestyle. They may also have too little cash to pay for insurance, maintenance, registration or new accessories for their motorcycle.


Written by Darryl Shafto

Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has been very active inrepparttar KZN region and has recently supplied two well-known local companies with a range of its products.

Digistics,repparttar 102776 logistics company responsible for all KFC’s and Macdonald’s distribution inrepparttar 102777 KZN area has taken delivery of a Crown ESR Reach Truck, a Daewoo LP Gas G18 Forklift and three Crown WPS Powered Pallet Trucks.

Samson Bohata, Digistics director, says thatrepparttar 102778 reliability of bothrepparttar 102779 product andrepparttar 102780 service is crucial in his business asrepparttar 102781 pressure to deliver on time is enormous.

“Downtime is hugely expensive for us andrepparttar 102782 lifting equipment is a critical item in our business. Since we’ve been using Crown and Daewoo products our downtime has been insignificant and, onrepparttar 102783 rare occasion when I have needed technical assistance,repparttar 102784 Goscor team has been outstanding,” says Bohata.

Digistics, formerly ASP Distributors, has been around since Macdonalds came torepparttar 102785 country in 1985 and changed its name after a recent management buy-out. Bohata isrepparttar 102786 director and shareholder ofrepparttar 102787 KZN branch.

In another deal, Goscor has supplied Denny Mushrooms of Shongweni, with a Daewoo D25 Diesel 2.5 ton Forklift Truck. In this case Daewoo has replaced a very well known brand that has operated inrepparttar 102788 firm for several years.

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