Common Sense Ideas For a More Profitable Affiliate Program

Written by John Karnish

Before you create your affiliate program, or in repparttar early stages, you need to make it is as easy as possible for your affiliates to make a sale. You should have your site tweaked torepparttar 102615 point thatrepparttar 102616 only work your affiliates have to do is bring visitors to your site.

How do you do this? You have to keep testing your site, sales copy and so on till you getrepparttar 102617 best visitor to sale ratio you can.

Some ofrepparttar 102618 things to test arerepparttar 102619 headline (extremely important), which benefits of your product you emphasize, price, your ad copy, and whatever you think may make a difference.

You also want to test to see which ads bring in repparttar 102620 most visitors. The same is true for banners. Then you want to share all of these with your affiliates.

If you find that a particular text link works well, sharerepparttar 102621 wording with your affiliates. Don't assume that your affiliates can write winning ads or create great banners, because they probably can't. Plus, by doing a little more work you'll be making a lot more money inrepparttar 102622 long run.

In my article, "Joiningrepparttar 102623 Right Affiliate Program," I stress that it is important to realize that most of your success when you join an affiliate program depends onrepparttar 102624 amount of visitors you attract to your site. Simply put, you can't sell a product if you don't have a buyer.

Will Amazon Leave Affiliates DEAD?

Written by Lee Benson

Today I have a little story for you.

During my daily Internet escapades, a marketing buddy of mine pointed me inrepparttar direction of a new press release that was announced on CNET on February 25th 2000.

I was so shocked when I readrepparttar 102614 release, that my mind wandered off in countless directions, trying to grasprepparttar 102615 devastating effect that this could bring torepparttar 102616 world of e-commerce. "No, surely not" I said to myself.

I quickly realized thatrepparttar 102617 press release I just read could entail me losing over HALF of my monthly revenue.

It's true.

DEATH TO SOME AFFILIATE PROGRAMS could soon berepparttar 102618 reality. (Well, at leastrepparttar 102619 existing technologies that are used),repparttar 102620 leading Internet bookstore and e-commerce giant, applied for a patent to cover it's affiliate program technologies on June 27th 1997.

It seems as though got there first before any one, and started offrepparttar 102621 affiliate craze. Unfortunately, they realized that their competitors would also employ similar affiliate tactics to increase sales. So they applied for a patent governing exclusive copyrights torepparttar 102622 technology that controls and operatesrepparttar 102623 affiliate software.

If enforced, it would mean that some companies would either have to apply for a license to continue using their affiliate programs, or would have to cease using them as a marketing method.

The bad news is they received their patent on Tuesday.

The big question now is "Will Amazon Enforce It?". Only time will giverepparttar 102624 answer. But if they do, this could mean a big, BIG change inrepparttar 102625 e-commerce world.

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