Common Format Of A Wedding Reception

Written by Matt Campbell

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Common format of a wedding reception:

·Arrival of guests at hall ·Introduction of wedding party ·Introduction of bride and groom ·Blessing ·Meal ·Cake Cutting ·Toasts ·Bride & Groom’s First Dance ·Father & Daughter’s Dance ·Mother & Groom’s Dance ·Special Dances ·Bouquet and Garter Toss ·Dancing and Fun

Arrival of guests at reception site Typically, a wedding lasts about 15 minutes. However, some guests do arrive early torepparttar 122047 reception. Therefore, be sure all reception to-dos are complete byrepparttar 122048 start time ofrepparttar 122049 wedding. Also, all wedding vendors should be wearing proper attire for early arriving and late staying guests. All tables should be set-up including cake table, entertainment’s table, sign-in table, food tables, and tables with chairs for all guests. If you have a seating arrangement, all seating lists should be atrepparttar 122050 reception with everyone’s name with where they are sitting.

Introduction of wedding party This step is not mandatory, but it is nice for everyone to know whorepparttar 122051 wedding party is as many have not met before your wedding. Create a “Reception Planning Guide” and give this to your master of ceremonies prior to your wedding. This details, among other things,repparttar 122052 order of entrance intorepparttar 122053 reception site with their names and titles. The order of entrance is as follows: parents ofrepparttar 122054 bride, parents ofrepparttar 122055 groom, ushers with bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer, special guests, best man, maid/matron of honor, bride and groom. In addition, reviewrepparttar 122056 pronunciations ofrepparttar 122057 wedding party's names withrepparttar 122058 master of ceremonies.

Introduction of bride and groom This is alwaysrepparttar 122059 last ofrepparttar 122060 introductions. Everyone should stand beforerepparttar 122061 bride and groom enter. In addition, a special song can be arranged withrepparttar 122062 music entertainment and a special announcement made to punctuate a true grand entrance. Also, informrepparttar 122063 master of ceremonies how you would like to be introduced: Mr. and Mrs. Smith or John and Jane Doe.

Blessing This is another step that is not mandatory, but forrepparttar 122064 religious couples makes a nice setting. If you inviterepparttar 122065 person who performedrepparttar 122066 marriage ceremony torepparttar 122067 reception, I would recommend having them conductrepparttar 122068 blessing. If they are not able to attend, a parent or family friend is a good idea. Lastly,repparttar 122069 master of ceremonies could giverepparttar 122070 meal blessing. Be sure to communicate with whomever is givingrepparttar 122071 blessing in advance so they are prepared to give a personal touch.

Meal It's time to eat! Bride and Groom, be sure to stop and take a moment to eat. This may be your only chance inrepparttar 122072 day. In addition, it is customary forrepparttar 122073 bride and groom to startrepparttar 122074 food line. Most guests know to wait untilrepparttar 122075 bride and groom startrepparttar 122076 food line. So don't be late!

Cake Cutting This isrepparttar 122077 traditional bride and groom makingrepparttar 122078 first cut on their wedding cake. Then,repparttar 122079 bride feeds half ofrepparttar 122080 piece of cake torepparttar 122081 groom andrepparttar 122082 groom feedsrepparttar 122083 remaining half torepparttar 122084 bride. The cutting ofrepparttar 122085 cake is a ceremony intended to symbolizerepparttar 122086 caring and sharing for one another. Forks may be used as they makerepparttar 122087 image very attractive forrepparttar 122088 photographer. Forks may also minimizerepparttar 122089 possibility of someone being hurt withrepparttar 122090 more playful squashing that sometimes happens.

Secrets Your Husband/Significant Other Don't Want You to Know

Written by Marie Magdala Roker

5 Secrets Your Guy Doesn’t Want You to Know

1.He Only Pretends Not to Listen.

He heard what you said. He’s just not interested in hearing it atrepparttar moment. Don’t try to give your man instructions or talk about your feelings when he’s watching TV (especially sports), eating, reading, or has just come home from work. He will only be half listening. His mind is on other things like: will his team win, his day at work, how hungry he is, etc. He can only pay attention to one thing at a time. If he lets you think that he is giving you his full attention, and then you will want to talk to him at these inappropriate moments allrepparttar 122046 time. If he gives you a detailed response, you’ll just continue to talk. If he completely ignores you, you’ll get mad. If he pretends that he is listening, you will be content and walk away.

2.He Does Look at Other Women.

Not because he wants to cheat, but because men are visually stimulated. Getting mad at him for looking is just going to make him sneak a peek. Hey, it’s just a passing glance. It’s not like we don’t check guys out too!

3.He Needs Time Away From You.

Men need time to reflect, socialize and just get away from it all. Men likerepparttar 122047 time to regroup. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be with us, it is just an escape to appreciate what they have at home. So lighten up, while he’s out ofrepparttar 122048 house, takerepparttar 122049 kids out or get a babysitter and go something you enjoy.

4.He Doesn’t Feel Like Being Bothered Sometimes

You’ve probably asked him to do something several times, but yet he still doesn’t do it in a timely manner. In frustration, you do it yourself. What is he thinking, “Thank Goodness!” Men do things at their own pace. You can ask your man to take outrepparttar 122050 trash and 3 hours later, it’s still there. Technically, he still has time to take outrepparttar 122051 trash. In his mind,repparttar 122052 trash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and if you do it yourself, that just makes it better for him.

5.He Really Enjoys Gossip

If your man overhears you gossiping onrepparttar 122053 phone, he’ll probably shake his head in disapproval. However, if he talks about Joe and Margaret, his co workers who are having an affair, it’s not gossip. Actually men enjoy to gossip. They just have a different name for it “Commenting.”

6.Yes, He Was Thinking About Sex

Your man has a far away look in his eyes. He seems distant. He was thinking about sex. He can’t help it, he thinks about it several times a day. Wouldn’t you prefer that he thinks about it several times a day rather than having sex several times a day?

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