Commission Junction, the Perfect Affiliate Resource for Niche Markets

Written by Fred Farah

There are many affiliate programs you can go to to find real solid product to market online. Most marketers who produce their own product provide these programs that are easily accessible, and can be worked simply by signing up to them. However, there are places you can go, sign up, and have virtually any product inrepparttar world at your disposal.

I'm talking about places like Commission Junction, a huge listing of companies who sell online and offer Affiliate programs. Allrepparttar 139328 big name brands are there, so there's no limit to what you can market.

Most of you Internet Marketers are used to thinking in terms of digital products andrepparttar 139329 first name you probably think of is ClickBank. Well, we know that ClickBank deals only with downloadable products. Commission Junction, onrepparttar 139330 other hand has affiliate programs mostly for physical products.

If you are into setting up niche markets, you have learned thatrepparttar 139331 online world is not just made up of downloadable ebooks. Most niche markets require affiliate products of physical goods that are shipped byrepparttar 139332 seller for you. It is in this area that Commission Junction excels.

The advantages of becoming a member of Commission Junction is that you just have to sign up once and that gets you access to every affiliate program they sponsor. This is great for people who niche market through mini-sites because with a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly plug in product or update product information for all of your niche markets in one session.

If there was a downside to mention it would be that, unlike places like ClickBank,repparttar 139333 commissions are somewhat lower. While ClickBank usually carries a 35% to 60% commission on product sold, Commission Junction tends to be inrepparttar 139334 7% to 20% bracket.

So if you're hoping to strike it rich marketing one product, then products offered by Commission Junction may not be for you. However, if you're a serious Niche marketer, then you know that you many products to earn a respectable income. One or two products just won't cut it..

In fact, having a membership with Commission Junction, in spite ofrepparttar 139335 relatively lower earning potential per product, is a better deal when you're working niches, becauserepparttar 139336 key to good niche marketing is in finding product that is high in demand yet low in supply. Withrepparttar 139337 number of companies marketing through Commission Junction along withrepparttar 139338 thousands of product to choose from, one could create mini-site niche markets all day long and still find new and rare product to market.


Written by Bobby NetBux is a PPS (pay-per-search) Program. There is a limit of 40 searches a day. And at $0.02 that is $0.80 a day. That may not seem like a lot of money. But for each referrals you getrepparttar same pay. Here is a cut-out from their website. "You will also earn $0.02 for every search that your referrals make for up to 40 searches a day as well! Thereforerepparttar 139172 maximum pay per day for each referral is $0.80. The more referrals,repparttar 139173 more money! Upon registration, you will be given a unique referral URL (also located in your 'stats' area) that you can give out to your friends, post it on your website, blog, etc. We also have some images that you can use to help advertise online with.

Let's just say that you referred only 10 people who searched 40 times per day for a whole month. Within only ONE month, you would have earned $264.00! What if over time you accumulated 20, 30, 50, 100 or more? This program is real, we've already paid out to members and our next payout is estimated to be over $20,000! Don't you want a piece ofrepparttar 139174 pie?"

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