Commercial Collections: Business Finance Booster Shot

Written by Joel Walsh

If commercial collections is not part of your B2B business plan, you’re losing money. Get your cash flowing again with these commercial collection secrets.

Commercial Collections: Fixture ofrepparttar New B2B Culture

If you’re inrepparttar 151177 business-to-business field, or even if you’re a consumer products business that works through third-party distribution channels, you probably know what it’s like to check your mail anxiously each day, sifting through allrepparttar 151178 bills for that payment that was supposed to have been in months ago.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. If you were a good, honest businessperson who dealt with other good, honest businesspeople, “commercial collections” wasn’t supposed to be part of your vocabulary.

Back inrepparttar 151179 good old days, an invoice or purchase order that had an established company listed inrepparttar 151180 “bill to” field was almost as good as a cashier’s check. Nowadays, if you’re inrepparttar 151181 business of serving other businesses you may find that your cash flow is less reliable than a small-time bookie’s.

Commercial Collections: A Personal Story

This past April I finally gotrepparttar 151182 $2,000 a client owed me for work done in December, after spending almost as much money’s worth of my time reminding them to pay.

No, this wasn’t one of those hand-shake deals—we had a 5-page contract specifying net-30 payment terms. Nor was this some guy with a lemonade stand. It wasrepparttar 151183 media division of one ofrepparttar 151184 largest retailers inrepparttar 151185 United States.

The worst part was, I trusted this client based on my experience working with them a few years before. I actually spentrepparttar 151186 money on Christmas presents, fully expectingrepparttar 151187 payment to come in before my credit card statement.

Avoiding Outstanding Invoices

Of course, you can nip this problem inrepparttar 151188 bud by cultivating strong relationships with clients who pay on time. But those clients are getting few and far between—and, as I found,repparttar 151189 good can go pretty bad pretty fast.

Are Your RSS Feeds Auto Discovery Friendly?

Written by Lynette Chandler

Don't know what is auto discovery? To understand auto discovery you first need to understand how it works. If your blog or web page is auto discovery enabled when someone lands on your page,repparttar browser will notifyrepparttar 151176 reader you have an RSS feed available. Ifrepparttar 151177 visitor is interested in subscribing, they will simply click subscribe - much like bookmarking a page. Here's a quick 1 minute video how it works in Firefox.

Now you know how it works, why is it so important? For one, many feed readers and browsers already auto discover RSS feeds. But perhaps what's more important, Microsoft is incorporating this starting with Internet Explorer 7. Internet Explorer still commands a good chunk of browser share out there, especially those who are new torepparttar 151178 Internet or non technical Internet users. If your RSS feeds cannot be auto discovered, it's a good chance you'll lose out on a bunch of subscribers.

As it is today, browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari can auto discover feeds. Many use this to subscribe because it's just so much easier. While this group may not be that large but why should you not take advantage? If just making your feeds auto discovery friendly you get an extra subscriber, even if it's only one it would be worth it because it costs nothing but maybe 2 minutes of your time.

So how do you find out if your feeds are auto discovery friendly? The good news is, if you're using a blog to manage your content, many have this feature built in. But it doesn't hurt to just check it anyway. If you don't use a blog, chances are, your feed is not auto discovery enabled. So here's how you'd add or check it.

Open up your website or blog template, atrepparttar 151179 top betweenrepparttar 151180 tags, look to see if you have one or all ofrepparttar 151181 following code:

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