Come to Tea: An Elegant Garden Gathering

Written by Debbie Rodgers

Perhaps nothing says "garden party" like having afternoon tea outdoors. It's a charming reminder of bygone days and childhood make-believe. Outdoor spaces of all kinds, including balconies, can be successfully adapted to a tea party.

Tea parties span generations and will be enjoyed by your most sophisticated women friends or allrepparttar giggling little girls of your acquaintance.

What makes an elegant tea party? Look at these factors.

Flowers Plan to hold your tea party when your garden is in its fullest bloom -- perhaps it's lilac time, June roses, or peony season. Be sure to cut some ofrepparttar 125462 blooms forrepparttar 125463 tea table vases. If you don't have a garden, buy an armful of flowers at a farmers' market or stop by a country ditch and pick bunches of wild daisies and Queen Anne's lace.

Invitations Send handwritten notes by snail mail. Your guests will recognize your party as an elegant affair and dress accordingly! Typically, tea is held around 4 p.m. -- perfect for day-blooming flowers. Include an invitation forrepparttar 125464 little ones to bring along a doll or teddy friend.

Table Setting The more elegant,repparttar 125465 better. Stashrepparttar 125466 paper table covering andrepparttar 125467 plastic glasses just for today. Instead, use a crisp linen tablecloth, pressed cloth napkins and your best bone china cups and saucers. If it's a little girls' party, you might want to invest in two or three miniature tea sets.

Try to have adequate seating for everyone. Consider setting your straight-back indoor dining chairs outdoors. They can add an elegant touch, whether left unadorned or covered with flowered chintz.

Hats Encourage all of your guests to wear hats -- big-brimmed, floppy and flowered. Ifrepparttar 125468 party is for little girls, collect old hats, scarves and silk flowers at a thrift shop, yard sale or discount store. Make decoratingrepparttar 125469 hats a fun activity atrepparttar 125470 party. You can also include a box of flowery cast-offs for dressing up. Include "grown-up" shoes and old jewellery -- anything that will makerepparttar 125471 little ones feel elegant. Tea time is a fun way to introduce young ones to "elegant party" manners.

How to Write Your Own Winning Resume, Using a Resume Template

Written by Fayola Peters

The easiest way to write you own resume is by using a resume template. Don't waste time trying re-inventingrepparttar wheel. Using a resume template which has been a success for others isrepparttar 125461 best way to go.

Most successful resumes have a few things in common in terms of their layout. These are:

•Contact Information •Job Objective •Education •Work History/Experience •Reference.

The order and amount of information you give for each of these depends onrepparttar 125462 resume format you use. There are many resume formats you can choose from such asrepparttar 125463 chronological format,repparttar 125464 functional format,repparttar 125465 skilled format and so on.

To start, your contact information should simply state your name, mailing address, permanent mailing address, and phone numbers, fax numbers and/or email addresses you want employers to contact you at. This information must always be atrepparttar 125466 top of your resume. Your job objective is best positioned directly below your contact information. It must be short and precise. Using a specific job title like mechanical engineer or administrative assistant is usually best.

Where you placerepparttar 125467 education section of your resume depends on how relevant this information is torepparttar 125468 job you're applying for. It also depends on how relevant and substantial your work experience is.

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