Come Home

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Imagining a proud father holding a newborn inrepparttar palm of his hand, I envision love beaming from God's eyes as He says, "Awe, Perfect! How beautiful!" You were exactlyrepparttar 126905 creation intended. (God didn't make a mistake. He never does.)

Christians are royalty, joint heirs; children ofrepparttar 126906 KING! With access to everything God owns, we getrepparttar 126907 best seats inrepparttar 126908 house! Yet, knowing such is of little value until we access those privileges.

Some struggle to become acceptable, thinking God won't otherwise receive them. Others hold people back, trying to make them white. Acceptance was oursrepparttar 126909 moment we received God andrepparttar 126910 acceptable time is when He calls you. Don't tell God's children they can't serve. And, don't you tell God you can't. As long as we bow to such defeating thoughts, we remain separate from truth and rightful inheritance.

You know God is there. Sometimes you hear Him. But often, He seems so very far away. He isn't really. He's just patiently waiting for you to let go of your cross, get up, and walk. More than anything we could offer, God longs for a relationship with us. When we seek God more than life itself, He begins revealing Himself to us. There's such 'awe' in God's presence, as in each step we learn more about what He's really like. Try taking spiritual risks, you may never know what you're missing.

God First

Written by Joyce C. Lock

God 1st, Others 2nd, Self last...

Most believe that's how it should be, whether they practice it or not.

Few have problems recognizing when "Me, Me, Me" gets inrepparttar way, whether they care to admit it or not.

But, putting others 2nd can get very confusing in relationship to God being 1st.

It is God who teaches us how to love others and, in so doing, we are loving Him. However, when we have a passion for caring forrepparttar 126904 needs of others, you can bet Satan is looking for ways to trip us up and burn us out.

Satan will use that passion against us (where we're being called upon, up to 24 hrs. per day, to help others in countless ways) until we find we no longer have time for God. Then, others get 1st place and God gets nothing.

In addition, we run out of time for tending our own spiritual needs and soon become drained, finding we no longer have anything left to give.

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