Combine Links with Quality Resources and You’re on a Winner

Written by Jim Green

There are 1001 ways to drive traffic to your websites.

I reckon I’ve tried most of them overrepparttar years and inrepparttar 135127 process have become blasé overrepparttar 135128 whole process of traffic promotion - but here’s one that surprises even a hardened old cynic like me…

Several months ago I designed a single-page website, launchedrepparttar 135129 creature as a sub-domain and promptly forgot about it. In point of fact it was so absentmindedly conceived thatrepparttar 135130 tag still containsrepparttar 135131 template reference.

So what happened to it?

Here’s what….it has achieved some amazing rankings.

- Yahoo! # 2 (out of 8,270,000 web pages) - AltaVista #2 - AllTheWeb #2

What’s even better…

I attached my little afterthought single page to two of my prime sites and quality traffic is rocketing to both of them. These sites have always performed well for me but now they’re on fire.


Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

Experience can be a great teacher, butrepparttar learning process can be very costly. Believing in your offer is important. In addition, finding what to promote and how to promote it is crucial to your success!

It is a well-known fact that if you believe in something, it is easier to win others over to what you believe in than if your belief system is not strong. Children often are able to sway their parents opinions, or politicians may win our votes by communicatingrepparttar 135068 why behind an issue.

With a business, it is easier to sell a product if you have used a product that has helped you in some way. This is true, also, if you are a distributor for a network marketing company. If you have used and benefited from your company’s products, you will be enthusiastic and be able to share this with others.

Don’t Jump In Too Fast!

With an internet business, however, whether network marketing or other kind of business, things are not always as they appear. You need to go a lot deeper in your knowledge then justrepparttar 135069 possibly hyped-up “facts” given on someone’s website!

Don’t makerepparttar 135070 mistake of believing in something too strongly, too quickly! Like falling in love after just one date --- rarely works out forrepparttar 135071 long haul --- so wisdom would say get to know him or her better before making a commitment. But once you are satisfied thatrepparttar 135072 person is someone you want to make a commitment to, don’t quit when a few things about your relationship are not going as well as you thought. Likewise, once you decide that a business is right for you, don’t quit if it doesn’t move along as smoothly as you had hoped for.

Look For A Stable Company

If you are looking at a company, make sure of its stability before you invest much money. Has it been in business for at least a couple years? According torepparttar 135073 Direct Selling Association, only one company in 347 will survive evenrepparttar 135074 first two years! You don’t want to spend your time and money promoting something that has a high risk of failure.

Yes, I’ve been there and done that! I listened torepparttar 135075 “get in early” to succeed hyped-up false statements. Not a one of those companies ever survived very long!

How Will You Build Your Business?

O.K., so perhaps, you’ve done your homework and have located several companies that have been in business long enough and are not likely to fail. So … how are you going to build a business and make some money? Look atrepparttar 135076 kind of support system they offer. Learn aboutrepparttar 135077 people who will probably be a part of your “upline” if it’s a network marketing company. Just who is it that heads up this way that is supposed to help you succeed? Is there a phone number given where you can call and talk to a “live” person? Can you ask questions by e-mail? How committed to this program is your prospective enroller? If he is in a dozen programs, he probably isn’t going to help you much. Will he be here today and gone tomorrow?

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