Combine Email Marketing with Your Affiliate

Written by Denise Ryder

Affiliate Programs are huge today and rightly so. They provide people withrepparttar opportunity to make a residual income with very little cash output, and of course everything is already done for you. All you have to do is promote.

Now, this article isn't focusing on Affiliate Marketing, but it does suggest a few effective ways for maximizing YOUR LIST building potential.

You already know that in order to be successful online, you need a list...and when I say list, I am referring to YOUR LIST. (You will see why I highlight YOUR in a sec).

Makes sense...right? I mean which would you rather have, a nice warm, accepting list of individuals with whom you have built a good relationship with and who are receptive to your recommendations?


Having to continually go out and drive new traffic to your site in order to make that sale?

Think aboutrepparttar 144113 process you go through for a second. You join an affiliate program, use their ads and place classifieds in newsletters. The link you use is sending prospects to your affiliate "page."

From there, your affiliate program gathers intorepparttar 144114 "system" only those who; buy or sign up. You are only able to build a list based on those two criteria and because of that, you are missing out. You are missing out on those "others" who have been to your page and maybe aren't ready to buy, but would be if ONLY they had some additional follow up contact with you.

Even if you wanted to contact these "others," you aren't able to because your affiliate program doesn't allow you to make any changes to your (or rather their) web page. Which means that you are not able to maximize on your list building potential.

So, how do you fix this problem?

There are actually a few things you can do. First of all, let's start with your mindset. This isrepparttar 144115 key. What I want you to do from here on out is always ask yourself this one key question...

"How/what must I do to add on to "MY List."

If you are using classifieds to market your affiliate program, then ask yourself that question and instead of sending prospects to your affiliate page, send them to a Report/eCourse instead. See what just happened? You have now added a name to YOUR list, instead of sending them to your page and riskrepparttar 144116 chance of losing them altogether.

There is another way to help you build your list and market your programs atrepparttar 144117 same time. Create a theme-based web site of your own.

I hearrepparttar 144118 groans. I know one ofrepparttar 144119 reasons affiliate programs are so big is because they have a page for you. But let me explain why you really need a site of your own.

How many of you have been playing a little leap frog...jumping from program to program because nothing is making you money? It's ok to admit it because you aren't alone, there are 1000s of people inrepparttar 144120 same boat.

Stop and think for a secondrepparttar 144121 effect all this jumping is having on you and your chances of making a residual income:

1. You are not focused, and

2. You are ALWAYS starting over from scratch.

Aren't you tired of that?

That isrepparttar 144122 whole intent of having a site of your own. One that is based on a theme and loaded with good, quality content. One that allows you to build a list that is YOURS.

You don't have that full capability with an Affiliate Program.

If you quitrepparttar 144123 program or "knock on wood" they biterepparttar 144124 dust, and trust me it does happen. Then all that hard work you put into marketing that program has been lost. You don't ownrepparttar 144125 page, you don't ownrepparttar 144126 list, so as a result you are always starting over...each and every time.

Get Viral...

Written by Denise Ryder

Hey, using eBooks, eReports and eCourses is a fantastic way to build a list.

You can use these things as an "incentive" for joining your affiliate program, as a "thank you" for visiting your site, a "bonus" when someone purchases a product/service from you. The possibilities are endless!!

Many eBusiness people use them, however, some are making TWO HUGE MISTAKES when they do use them. Here is what they do...

1. They upload these things to their site and publishrepparttar download link WITHOUT capturing an email address and name.

The WHOLE POINT of using this "stuff" is to build a list. YOU CAN'T MARKET TO A GHOST!!! Instead of uploading your items to your server and just publishingrepparttar 144112 download link, work smarter... Set yourself up with a mini-site where you can direct people to and forrepparttar 144113 PRICE of their email address and name, they can haverepparttar 144114 download link sent to them.

NOW you have a warm body to market to AND you know what they are interested in.

2. They don't take advantage of customizing eBooks, etc with THEIR OWN links.

You want your marketing efforts to pay off for YOU. If you are giving away an eBook with someone else's links in it then all your marketing is paying off forrepparttar 144115 person whose links are inside. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT??

There are tons of people out there falling into that trap. However, right now YOU'RE my concern. If they want to not bother spending a little extra and purchase a customization license that's their downfall. Actually, we want those people because if they distribute our eBook with our links inside, great...they are marketing for us.

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