Colors for Your Website

Written by Francisco Aloy

Oh Yes ..Colors! There are hot ones, cool ones, earthy colors, spiritual colors and every other shade inrepparttar rainbow! What colors should you use for your website?

Though color combinations that would work for many decorating ideas are pleasing torepparttar 131640 eye, it doesn't mean they will work onrepparttar 131641 web.

The reason is thatrepparttar 131642 combinations you use have to serve a twofold purpose: They should impart a general theme to your website and, more importantly, make it easy for your visitors to see and read.

The very high contrast between white and black, having opposite locations onrepparttar 131643 chromatic scale, is good for standard paper books but not forrepparttar 131644 Web! A good choice of colors as a tool inrepparttar 131645 distribution of information, is something that should be given serious consideration.

The printed media's classical scheme of black lettering over a white background doesn't work well for Web content. Certain colors produced byrepparttar 131646 glowing phosphor of PC monitors are very intense and tend to assaultrepparttar 131647 eyes with their potency, such as when you look at snow in bright sunshine.

The above reason is why many folks will print an eBook to study it: They can't takerepparttar 131648 "white assault" from most monitors.

Application programmers and savvy web designers are discovering this harmful quality of monitors and are compensating by makingrepparttar 131649 backgrounds of their websites an off white/gray.

You can try this for yourself: read a page with an absolute white background and thenrepparttar 131650 same page with a very light gray or pastel background. Seerepparttar 131651 difference?

Should you Purchase a Turnkey Site or Build Your Own?

Written by Francisco Aloy

You see them allrepparttar time, pre-packaged websites selling everything from acorns to zinc. Most of them have a nice professional look about them, with good pictures and graphics. Of course,repparttar 131639 sales literature withrepparttar 131640 offer telling you how you're going to make a gazillion dollars!

Most of them are one page mini-sites devoted only to selling their particular product and that's whererepparttar 131641 problems begin; since it's only a sales "landing page," it will not be enough to sustain an ongoing relationship with your visitors and customers,repparttar 131642 real bread and butter of any business!

The reason they aren't effective as stand-alone websites is that many customers that visit a site don't purchaserepparttar 131643 first time. In many cases, it takes a number of visits to get your visitors into a buying frame of mind. I heard it put this way: When you first met your wife, did you ask her to marry you onrepparttar 131644 first date or did it take a while? It'srepparttar 131645 same thing with customers!

The idea of "pre-selling" your visitors has been time tested and it does work. Through each visit they learn more about you and feel more confident buying from you. Heck, justrepparttar 131646 fact your website is still there after a period of time is a good selling point. A well put together website will also have a sense of balance and there will be honest-to-goodness content aimed atrepparttar 131647 visitor; not straight-up sales copy!

The difference between a one page sales website and your own, content filled and well designed, is like night and day! As an example: Have you ever been phoned "cold" by a pushy telephone salesman? What was your mood? I bet it wasn't a positive one! The same goes for any website that only pushes sales atrepparttar 131648 expense of an ongoing relationship with their visitors.

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