Colors as visual communicators

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

People love stories. This must have originated fromrepparttar time when getting tucked up in bed means a story afterwards. Fairy tales are colorful stories with colorful endings. Then came those fiction books with twists and turns and sometimes not so colorful endings. People early on are thought to see experience and feel colors not just in its visual state butrepparttar 147948 colors that come from words. Words can be made colorful. If we put it into another prospective, visual and colors can also tell stories, like words.

Visual and colors are put early on in coloring books to make kids understand things inrepparttar 147949 most simple way. By arranging chronologically, a story can be created, depending onrepparttar 147950 understanding ofrepparttar 147951 one readingrepparttar 147952 colors.

This is also true in prints and designs. People tend to get tired of reading long and flowery words that only end up meaningrepparttar 147953 same things. Some can be so predictable that after readingrepparttar 147954 first paragraph,repparttar 147955 ending can be told. Others may get too jumbled up inrepparttar 147956 words that it will took awhile understanding, if patience does not run out first.

Using visuals, stories become more compelling because people can produce their own story, go into different directions with justrepparttar 147957 colors. What makes them able to do this arerepparttar 147958 absence of words that sometimes spoon-fed them into what they are supposed to be reading. The story is laid out in front of them. All they had to do is read. Imagination need not be used. This is in contrast to colors that story tell. Expoundingrepparttar 147959 imagination is just one ofrepparttar 147960 things these visuals can do. With just drawings, a story can enfold beforerepparttar 147961 readerís eyes. It is like creating your own story with no limitations as to when to change and stop.

What is graphic designers greatest fear?

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Designers are considered masters of their crafts. They have created and designedrepparttar most amazing things that not all other people are capable of. They arerepparttar 147947 ones people run to if they wantedrepparttar 147948 best creations that may serve whatever purpose they wanted. These designers can turn simple ideas and illustrations into innovative graphic designs. These are what they do best.

What people do not know is that these designers, tackling everything and making wonders in designs, scram in fear when made to communicate with words. Talk about paradox. Whether they are aware of it or not, graphic designers are also communicators. They are able to communicate through visuals. That is their way, andrepparttar 147949 way they understand it perfectly. But then, give themrepparttar 147950 same concept, try making them express it, this time in writing. The result would be something like trying to make a bird talk. Which also means like putting too much effort on something nearrepparttar 147951 boundaries of a disaster and impossibility? This is what it takes to make designers write.

This situation need basic solutions as to not make these designers be trembling once put in a table with a pen and paper, and nothing else. Sometimes designers are asked to do two works at a time, adding captions and heading to what they have done. Reports are also needed to be written most accurately by them who have donerepparttar 147952 works themselves. This would mean having to explain something not usingrepparttar 147953 method that they do so well.

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