Coloring Your Logo – Pick Out the Best!

Written by Kay Zetkin

One ofrepparttar important elements in making your web presence entails not only having a well-designed website. Your logo should be installed in your website before your start launching and broadcasting about your web site’s existence inrepparttar 136737 wide, wide world ofrepparttar 136738 Web.

As you seek to design your logo,repparttar 136739 preeminent question would be – arerepparttar 136740 colors you picked for it,repparttar 136741 right one? And of course,repparttar 136742 right color of your logo will be able to setrepparttar 136743 mood and tone ofrepparttar 136744 site. Mind you, some users and browsers are also very particular about logos. They are finicky at best and may just easily leave your web site after just a glance at your logo. Yes, it could make or unmake your web site’s ultimate success.

Here’s something that might help you in choosingrepparttar 136745 right color of logo for your web site:

•Orange - a warm color that connotes of tropical, luxury, passion and exotic things. The color itself expresses enthusiasm, vibrant and expansive. Your logo may just captivaterepparttar 136746 right kind of attention once you use color orange.

•Yellow – a color that exudes intellect, faith, goodness and friendship. Yellow also vibrates optimism, happiness, idealism, and imagination. Unless your company does convey bright, cheery feelings that you are inclined to reflect in your logo, yellow could really work well as background color.

•Blue –repparttar 136747 most popular color that convey peace and tranquility, loyalty and fidelity, harmony, trust and confidence. For those who are keen on usingrepparttar 136748 216 color palette, blue is abundant in all shades. They can be excellent dominant color for web site logos which conveyrepparttar 136749 lighthearted and positive mood.

Web Designing: Color It Right

Written by Kay Zetkin

Color choices for your web design is, in a way, choosing not what color you feel like but choosing what’s appropriate, applicable and interesting for your potential users/audiences. You don’t want your users feeling pathetic of your web site’s color choices and patterns, do you?

Planning and organizing your color usage as you go about designing your web sites should not be overlooked. Don’t just go about it with a trial-and-error attitude. Here are some ofrepparttar best practices with regards to applying color in web design. Read this and get a head-start in capturingrepparttar 136736 eyes (if not yet their hearts and minds) of your prospective users!

Regardingrepparttar 136737 Use of Color and Pattern. Make it a point that your color choices are flexible enough that they can be easily replaced depending on your user’s browser settings and assistive technology. It is good to establish a strong contrast betweenrepparttar 136738 background color andrepparttar 136739 text color, however, lest you intentionally want your users to get dizzy, don’t use patterned or textured backgrounds behindrepparttar 136740 texts. Solid and plain text backgrounds are well and good. On-screen patterns need to be put inrepparttar 136741 center.

Do not rely heavily on color connotations in guiding your users about important information. Color coding as an additional way to identify different elements and site navigation can be fun and amusing. But avoid using too many different colors simultaneously. Be consistent and have limitations inrepparttar 136742 number of colorsyou’re your color coding.

Regarding Choices in Color. The safest, more legible and professional – looking combination is black text on a white background. For maximum visibility according to average human eye’s capabilities – red and green turns out good when in center ofrepparttar 136743 screen; black, white, yellow and blue are very useful on periphery. If your intent is to identify two groups of content, do not use red and green combination, always consider thatrepparttar 136744 most common color blindness is that of red/green blindness. This precaution also applies withrepparttar 136745 blue and yellow combination. Keep in mind that 1 – 2% of men have blue-yellow color blindness.

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