Colorado Fly Fishing – Bait Huckin' vs. Fly Fishin'

Written by Rick Chapo

It was one of those fishing trips. You know, everyone catches fish but you, you loose six or eight of your most expensive streamers, it rains buckets, and you sinkrepparttar boat. That’s right; I got skunked at Steamboat Lake over Memorial weekend.

I was determined to show those meat huckers (worms and power bait) that a well chosen and strategically placed fly was as effective as anything a conventional fisherman could load on a hook and hang under a bobber. Well, no such luck, I got stomped.

The fish were rising like mad on a midge hatch, and I threw everything inrepparttar 141418 box at them. I could swear I saw a hefty rainbow nudge my fly torepparttar 141419 side to eatrepparttar 141420 natural laying only centimeters from my damn near perfect replica. As we watchedrepparttar 141421 group of 12 year olds add another 18” fish to their stringer (full loaded, I might add) I decided it must be a lake thing. I don’t fish lakes often.

I usually have good luck with a streamer in faster moving water, so I head for one onrepparttar 141422 several tributaries hoping to getrepparttar 141423 boat up far enough to make a make a few good casts. No such luck, here comesrepparttar 141424 wind. Determined and frustrated, I proceed to lose several of my best streamers inrepparttar 141425 dense shrubbery surroundingrepparttar 141426 mouth ofrepparttar 141427 creek (can’t retrieve them sincerepparttar 141428 current is too strong to getrepparttar 141429 boat any further uprepparttar 141430 creek).

Onrepparttar 141431 way back to camp we are passed by a couple of boats with stringers of fish crashing offrepparttar 141432 bows of their boats (hmmm, are they just rubbing it my face, or are they tenderizingrepparttar 141433 meat?)Questioning my decision to become a fly fisherman, I head over torepparttar 141434 dock to pick up my 5 year-old son and a fresh styro of night crawlers. I'll let my son fishrepparttar 141435 meat before I crumble and load one up onrepparttar 141436 spinner myself. Surprising, no luck withrepparttar 141437 meat either, and hear comesrepparttar 141438 rain. I throw my arms up and ponder my karma activity ofrepparttar 141439 past year.

Safety Awareness & Self Defense: Circle of Safety

Written by Eric Gehler

Safety Awareness & Self Defense isrepparttar responsibility of each individual. Knowing your surroundings and being aware of potential dangers is your first step towards self-defense. Avoiding and distancing yourself from circumstances that could be trouble are your responsibility.

The Circle of Safety is an imaginary boundary extending from your body outward to approximately 7 to 10 feet. By being aware what is approaching your Circle of Safety you can potentially avoid a dangerous situation. If you were alone and a stranger enters your circle of safety, you should attempt to distance yourself from that stranger. In order forrepparttar 141417 stranger to grab you, they must be able to touch you. If you maintain a circle of safety ofrepparttar 141418 7 to 10 feet thanrepparttar 141419 stranger will not be in reach to grab or touch you.

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