Color association in logos and designs

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

If you ask someone what isrepparttar logo for Mcdonalds, an instant answer would be given to you in a matter of seconds. Adult and young children alike. Give them just a quarter of a second to makerepparttar 150332 association and instant answer! Now ask them about its color. What do you get? That same matter of second correct answer. Makingrepparttar 150333 association with colors is not as easy as associating it withrepparttar 150334 name or logo. But somehow, these people managed to supplyrepparttar 150335 different answers in both same times. Does this mean that these people have very good memories? Could it be that they have high IQ’s? Or does this have anything to do withrepparttar 150336 logos andrepparttar 150337 colors themselves? These logo and color association is called business “branding”. Branding isrepparttar 150338 strategy in which businesses create and maintain their own unique symbol; can be in terms of a logo, fonts, graphics and most especially, colors. Using this, they are given their own identity, unlike any other business. These things isolate and make them one of a kind. It also serves as something that attracts people’s attention, engraving it in their minds making them remember andrepparttar 150339 business memorable. This branding should be maintained to every aspect and product ofrepparttar 150340 business as possible. Changes and modifications can also be done as long asrepparttar 150341 old essence is still there and not completely erased.

“Keep It Simple Stupid”

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Recognize that saying? It has been used in many different things to mean simplicity isrepparttar key to doing things best. In explaining concepts, putting it in simple yet understandable terms would easily get your message through. This is in contrast to using confusing words and “beating aroundrepparttar 150331 bushes”, resulting to an overload of information yet losingrepparttar 150332 main idea inrepparttar 150333 process. This same saying should also be applied inrepparttar 150334 designs of websites. Ever feltrepparttar 150335 frustration of having to go through much information while browsing in some sites? Not only that, think of allrepparttar 150336 graphics that keep appearing and popping every now and then. Most ofrepparttar 150337 time, these things make downloading pretty slow. And you only went there for simple information. Take researching, for example. These sites were meant to help in every way possible. Makingrepparttar 150338 hassle of researching more convenient and easy. But some people do not haverepparttar 150339 patience of waiting for an animation to stop moving, or forrepparttar 150340 flow of not needed information, and impossible icons to find onrepparttar 150341 screen. Not all users haverepparttar 150342 same modems and software you have. So if it is not hard for some, it may be terrible for others. Think ofrepparttar 150343 people in a rush to purchase something. Dazzling them with intricate graphics would likely send their tempers rocketing. And special effects can only make them want to scream with frustration. And for what? For a request of a catalog?

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