Colombian Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

Grown at high altitudes and tended with painstaking care inrepparttar shade of banana and rubber trees, Colombian coffee is amongrepparttar 147056 best inrepparttar 147057 world, rich, full-bodied, and perfectly balanced. Coffea Arabica L., more commonly known asrepparttar 147058 Arabica bean, prefers higher altitudes and drier climates than its cousin,repparttar 147059 lower quality Robusta bean (C. Robusta). Therefore,repparttar 147060 arid mountains andrepparttar 147061 well-drained, rich volcanic soil of Colombia provide ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee.

Colombian coffee is grown in two main regions,repparttar 147062 central region around Medellin, Armenia and Manizales, known as MAM to aficionados, andrepparttar 147063 eastern, more mountainous region near Bogotá and Bucaramanga. MAM varietals are known for their heavy body, rich flavor and fine, balanced acidity whilerepparttar 147064 mountain grown eastern beans produce an even richer, heavier, less acidic coffee. The finest Colombian coffee comes from this region.

It is not known for sure when coffee first reached Colombia but many historians believe it to be aroundrepparttar 147065 same time Jesuit priests first began arriving from Europe inrepparttar 147066 mid 16th century. The first exports of Colombian coffee began in 1835 when around 2500 bags were exported torepparttar 147067 U.S. By 1875 170,000 bags were leavingrepparttar 147068 country bound forrepparttar 147069 U.S. and Europe. The exports grew exponentially overrepparttar 147070 next hundred years or so and peaked in 1992 at around 17 million bags. Today, Colombian coffee exports are around 10 million bags per year.

Belgian waffle irons - waffles are the ultimate comfort food

Written by Tracye Gano

Waffles have beenrepparttar comfort food in many a kitchen. A waffle is a flat batter cake cooked between two hot plates that are called a waffle iron. Belgian waffle irons provide deep pockets to catchrepparttar 146953 butter and syrup. There is nothing like a warm, buttery waffle swimming in syrup.

The waffle irons of old sat on a gas fired or wood stove. You had to heat both sides ofrepparttar 146954 plate before you addedrepparttar 146955 batter. It took practice and acquired skill to know whenrepparttar 146956 iron was hot enough to pour your batter in. You also needed to know when to turnrepparttar 146957 iron as well as when to removerepparttar 146958 waffle. Until non-stick surfaces, gettingrepparttar 146959 waffles out ofrepparttar 146960 waffle iron presented its own of set problems.

Waffle irons have come a long way sincerepparttar 146961 days they were first used. Whether you preferrepparttar 146962 regular pocket orrepparttar 146963 deeper Belgian waffle pocket you will have no shortage of choices of commercial waffle irons to choose from. There are many quality, affordable waffle irons onrepparttar 146964 market today.

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