College Is Much More Than Higher Education

Written by Meghan Semple

The first day of college begins with hopes and dreams of a new future. You walk aroundrepparttar college, drinking inrepparttar 144709 newness of a world unknown, whererepparttar 144710 buildings will become a second home to you as you release yourself into a variety of lectures.

Your first day is filled with trepidation as you imagine what college life will be like. Of course you have watched "Beverly Hills 90210" and "The College Years" and have seenrepparttar 144711 picture perfect episodes, describing a life of parties and fun times and you wonder what acquaintances you'll make and what extra-curricular activities at college you will be participating in.

The college buzzer rings signalingrepparttar 144712 start ofrepparttar 144713 first information session and you joinrepparttar 144714 herd of other college students fresh out of their last year of high school, looking around for just a glimpse of anyone you might know, somebody that you could talk to and perhaps enjoy your college days with, to no avail. The college information session begins and as it continues, you sink into your chair as they ramable off allrepparttar 144715 general stuff that you already knew, because you studiedrepparttar 144716 college handbook as required before attending. You are thinking what all this college stuff is about.

A New Challenge for Teachers: Encouraging Girls in Science, Math and IT Related Studies and Careers©

Written by Valerie Giles

One key challenge educators face isrepparttar importance of encouraging girls to excel in math, science and computer science studies. As technology continues to driverepparttar 144434 world of business, those challenged or generally disinterested in science and math will be left behind. In fact, that's exactly what's happening.

Although women make up approximately 50% ofrepparttar 144435 general work force inrepparttar 144436 U.S., they only represent 9% of workers inrepparttar 144437 science and engineering community. With such a low percentage of female interest,repparttar 144438 government is expecting increased worker shortages throughrepparttar 144439 first decade ofrepparttar 144440 21st century forrepparttar 144441 information technology (IT) industry.

The core worker inrepparttar 144442 IT industry are computer engineers, systems analysts, programmers and computer scientists, which includes database administrators, computer support personnel and all other computer scientists. These are all careers that relate directly back to high school math and science, in addition to computer science studies.

Growth projections by The Bureau of Labor Statistics' indicate thatrepparttar 144443 current graduation rate of those in undergraduate computer, information sciences and technology programs aren't high enough to sustainrepparttar 144444 industry's growth. In addition, they acknowledged thatrepparttar 144445 even greater decrease of women intorepparttar 144446 computer science pipeline will have a profound effect onrepparttar 144447 industry.

These researchers believe thatrepparttar 144448 low representation of women in computer science atrepparttar 144449 undergraduate level is inherited fromrepparttar 144450 secondary school level, where girls do not participate in computer science courses and related activities as much as boys. Although girls are often well represented in earlier computing courses, they shy away from advanced courses. One possible reason for this is because ofrepparttar 144451 increased focus onrepparttar 144452 technical and math course requirements.

This leads us back to math and science studies in elementary and high school, and yet another growing concern withinrepparttar 144453 scientific community.

We currently believe that our nation's future economic prosperity and global competition depends on both scientific progress and our adaptability inrepparttar 144454 fields of science, technology and engineering. As our society shifts from a resource-intensive society to a knowledge-intensive economy, it is critical for all of us to developrepparttar 144455 knowledge and skills needed to contribute to this new community.

With this in mind, knowledge of math and science has now become essential for those pursuing a high-status and well-paid job in our new technologically advanced workforce.

Again,repparttar 144456 science community is concerned that industry growth inrepparttar 144457 early 21st century will far out pace that of graduates. Once again, research has suggested thatrepparttar 144458 root of this problem can be traced back to elementary and high school classrooms.

In going back torepparttar 144459 classroom, a study byrepparttar 144460 National Assessment of Education Progress discovered that girls score belowrepparttar 144461 national mean on all science achievement items and express negatives attitudes towards science. The study acknowledged that societal, education and personal factors all contribute to this funding, but stressed that differences withinrepparttar 144462 science classroom may be one ofrepparttar 144463 biggest contributing factors.

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