Launches New Website Dedicated to the Buying and Selling of Exotic Vehicles.

Written by Sarah Breeding

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Sarah Breeding (877) 354-4066 ext 6059 voice (757) 282-6025 fax Launches New Website Dedicated torepparttar Buying and Selling of Exotic Vehicles.

Virginia Beach, Virginia – July 6, 2005 – [], a division of, announcedrepparttar 147638 launch of its newest Web site specifically forrepparttar 147639 exotic vehicle market. is an online site for those interested in buying and selling exotic cars. The site combinesrepparttar 147640 user-friendly format of with a modern, sleek feel and a database of exotic vehicles only.

The website will give dealers an opportunity to reach people who are specifically interested in exotic vehicles. “We found that many of our dealers were successful with and were looking for an avenue to specifically targetrepparttar 147641 exotic market. So, we decided to create a forum for exotic dealers to showcase and sell their inventory online and have it reach a more targeted audience,” says Marcus Dame, Business Development Manager, “ gives these dealers what they want;repparttar 147642 same value, professionalism and results provided by but aimed directly atrepparttar 147643 niche market of exotic vehicles.”

Parts Train presents the Best Wheels in Town; Plus other high-quality Performance Parts, OEM Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Parts Train's Wheels feature high-quality casting and a smooth finish. They are specially engineered for strength and durability, whilerepparttar strong alloy reduces unsprung weight for even better handling. The wheels are also rust-resistant and easy to maintain. Your car wheels are oftenrepparttar 147587 dirtiest part of your car because they are constantly exposed torepparttar 147588 elements (corrosive brake dust, ocean or road salt, stones, cinders and sticky tar).

When polishing aluminum or chrome wheels, expensive wheel polishes are unnecessary. Do you know that that ordinary, white toothpaste works just as well? With justrepparttar 147589 right amount of fine abrasives needed to clean teeth, you are on your way to sparkling that expensive Volkswagen wheels and chrome parts. The wheels are some ofrepparttar 147590 most important parts of your vehicle, helping it reach its maximum performance. Yet, they are also some ofrepparttar 147591 most overlooked components of a car. By giving them extra care every month, enthusiasts can enhancerepparttar 147592 performance of their car rims and make their tires last longer.

Keep you Wheels properly inflated. Improper inflation results in early and irregular wear and decreases your car's gas mileage. Invest in your own air pressure gauge. It is money well spent. Tire dealers can show you how. Firestone recommends checking air pressure in your tires at least once a month and visual check regularly for possible leaks. Ensure proper wheel alignment. Your car's wheels must move in a straight line when you steer straight cutting down on irregular tread wear. Misalignment can result in tire damage as well as damage to your car's suspension system.

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