Collecting Your Family Tree

Written by Gayle Olson

What is genealogy and a family tree?

Genealogy is a hobby where you collect information about your ancestors, that is, everyone in your family that has lived before you. You collect vital statistics, such as when and where they were born, lived and passed away. From these clues you become a master detective and learn all about their lives. Each family member is like a piece in a puzzle. As you collect and record family stories, pictures and documents, a fascinating tale of your history reveals itself. Building a family tree can be a life-long hobby for you. Maybe, one day, you'll have a granddaughter or grandson to pass this family treasure on to. Just like your ancestors,repparttar generations which follow you can read about, and enjoy your very interesting history!


Getting Started

The best place to start is withrepparttar 116346 family members you know best. The very first person on your family tree is your immediate family, mom and dad, brothers and sisters, and of course yourself!

Madame Alexander Dolls

Written by Gayle Olson

For more than 77 years Madame Alexander dolls have found their way intorepparttar hearts of girls (young and old) and collector's aroundrepparttar 116345 world. Always elegant, charming and lovable, "Madame Alexander" remains to be a favorite classic toy and collectible each holiday season.

As Madame Alexander enteredrepparttar 116346 Toy Industry's Hall of Fame in 2000,repparttar 116347 story of Madame Alexander is alsorepparttar 116348 story ofrepparttar 116349 evolution ofrepparttar 116350 dolls throughrepparttar 116351 past century.

Madame Alexander was a remarkable woman with a dream andrepparttar 116352 determination to make that dream a reality. Before I introduce you to my personal Madame Alexander "wish list" take time to meet Beatrice Alexander Behrman,repparttar 116353 woman who made little girls dreams come true.


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