Collecting Depression Glass – Where to Start.

Written by Murray Hughes

Okay, so you’ve been bitten byrepparttar Depression Glass bug, and those pretty patterns and pastel colors beckon you fromrepparttar 136307 shelves of an antique dealer’s shop, a friend’s home, or maybe you’ve even discovered this special glassware onrepparttar 136308 Internet. How ever it’s come about that you’ve developed a yen for Depression Glass, you need to know where and how to start collecting it – unless you’re made of money, have oodles of time on your hands, and don’t care whether you getrepparttar 136309 real thing or not. But if you’re like most of us, and those things don’t apply to you, here are a few tips to get you started onrepparttar 136310 road to what may very well become a fascinating and lifelong hobby.

Step 1 – Buyrepparttar 136311 latest edition ofrepparttar 136312 book, The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Gene Florence that boasts a recommendation fromrepparttar 136313 National Depression Glass Association. Mr. Florence’s comprehensive book covers allrepparttar 136314 known patterns with photographs and current price listings, short histories ofrepparttar 136315 manufacturers, information on detecting fakes and reproduction pieces, along withrepparttar 136316 production dates and colors of each design. All this, includingrepparttar 136317 author’s own personal anecdotes about this addictive hobby, make this book not only one ofrepparttar 136318 most useful tools from which to learn about Depression Glass, but turns learning aboutrepparttar 136319 subject into entertainment, as well.

Step 2 – Go to glass shows and conventions, join Depression Glass clubs, and visit antique shops in your area that carry it. It’s imperative to learn about this type of glass from hands-on knowledge in order to get a true feel of how it looks “in person.” Soon you’ll learn many, if not all,repparttar 136320 colors and patterns, and be able to distinguish reproductions – most commonly made in Mexico and India – fromrepparttar 136321 genuine article. Color, patterns, weight, mold markings – evenrepparttar 136322 bubbles – of real Depression Glass hold a uniqueness all their own.

Is There Money To Be Made In Depression Glass

Written by Murray Hughes

You’ve seenrepparttar shows on television. You’ve watchedrepparttar 136306 auctions online. You’ve readrepparttar 136307 stories inrepparttar 136308 newspaper.

There always seems to be someone somewhere with an old dish they’ve found inrepparttar 136309 corner of their attic that they were just about to throw away or donate to a thrift shop when someone advised them to have an expert take a look at it, or to put it up for auction online, or to place it somewhere for whatever you can get as long as it pays for your advertisement. And lo and behold! What they thought was fodder forrepparttar 136310 trash can or Goodwill turns out to berepparttar 136311 rarest piece of glassware this side ofrepparttar 136312 Atlantic, and they’ve not only paid for their advertising – they’ve got no more financial worries forrepparttar 136313 remainder of their lives!

Hearing such a story, I can guarantees it was not Depression Glass. While money can be made, given it was mass produced by many companies for a number of years and can still be bought and sold in many locations, it may be another couple of hundred years before a single piece can put you on easy street!

Butrepparttar 136314 very fact that professional dealers exist is an indication that money can be made inrepparttar 136315 buying and selling of Depression Glass. And knowingrepparttar 136316 value of each piece in your collection can have other purposes.

There are times when knowing what your pieces are worth serves a practical purpose. Suppose your agent needs to know for loss-coverage purposes. Or maybe you’ve decided to get out ofrepparttar 136317 Depression glass hobby and need to know an intelligent amount to place on your Depression glass pieces before you put them onrepparttar 136318 market. Or someone wanting to purchase a piece may approach you, and you need to know what amount to accept. Conversely, you may also be interested in acquiring a piece and need to have some idea of an amount that won't sound ridiculous. These are all valid reasons to know what your Depression glassware will bring onrepparttar 136319 current market. And that’srepparttar 136320 rub –repparttar 136321 current market.

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