Collecting Antique Maps - A Beginner's Guide

Written by Neil Street

California wasn’t always attached torepparttar west coast ofrepparttar 116277 North American continent. It used to be an island. At least, that’s what mapmakers, mostly European, believed for about 100 years, from around 1650 to 1750. So that’s how they drew it on their maps. The “Island of California,” as it is commonly called, is just one ofrepparttar 116278 innumerable collecting niches that are possible inrepparttar 116279 increasingly popular field of antique map collecting.

Antique map collecting is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, which is perhaps one reason why there is such an enormous amount of material, fromrepparttar 116280 affordable torepparttar 116281 prohibitively expensive, in circulation today. Two reasons forrepparttar 116282 popularity of antique map collecting are that antique maps appeal to a broad spectrum of people (for a variety of reasons) and they make very attractive framed pieces that can be enjoyed by many.

The wide range of antique maps available today means that a novice can easily enterrepparttar 116283 field, although hopefully armed with a little caution and common sense. The best place to begin is with some reading. Two excellent books forrepparttar 116284 beginning collector are Collecting Old Maps by Francis J. Manasek, and Collecting Antique Maps: An Introduction torepparttar 116285 History of Cartography, by Jonathan Potter. Both are available by visiting VintageMaps.Com at

Buying the Right Guitar

Written by Michael Setz

Buyingrepparttar Right Guitar By Michael Setz

Buyingrepparttar 116276 right guitar can be a lot more difficult than it seems. That's because there are a lot of them to choose from; electric, acoustic, classical, folk, hollow body, semi-hollow body, solid body, 12-string, and 7 string just to namerepparttar 116277 more common ones. Which one is right for you? First, it will be important for you to knowrepparttar 116278 type of music you are interested in playing. If you are only interested in screaming solos, you could probably just focus on an electric guitar. If you like playing folk music, a steel string acoustic would be an excellent choice. What about Classical and finger picking? A Classical guitar is definitely what you need. In any case, knowrepparttar 116279 music you want to play and that will also help you chooserepparttar 116280 right guitar. When choosing your guitar, there are several factors to consider: ·Price ·Playability ·Sound ·Looks. Which isrepparttar 116281 most important? They are ALL important in their own way! Play Guitar in 7 Days Guaranteed. Go to to learn more! In no particular order of merit, here arerepparttar 116282 reasons: 1. If you are on a budget, then obviouslyrepparttar 116283 price you intend to pay is important! Most of us have wallets with limits! This is self-explanatory. 2. The playability of a guitar (how EASY it is to play) is important. Arerepparttar 116284 strings close torepparttar 116285 fret board? Isrepparttar 116286 neck a comfortable fit for your hand size? Isrepparttar 116287 body shape comfortable to hold? This will also make a big impact on your progress as a guitar player. Anything that hinders your progress can be disheartening and should be eliminated.

3. Sound; Dorepparttar 116288 notes ring out onrepparttar 116289 guitar and sustain (last long before dying out)? Doesrepparttar 116290 guitar sound fat and full, or bright and thin? What sort of tone do you want? For example - Rock and Metal players often favor fat, full sounding guitars.

4. Are looks important? You bet! You want to look at your guitar and think it's cool. Playing something that looks like a dog will not inspire you! Also,repparttar 116291 look of a guitar can be important forrepparttar 116292 image associated with a certain type of music. Like we mentioned earlier, Telecaster shaped guitars are often associated with traditional blues and country playing - Les Paul-shaped guitars are often associated with classic rock, Flying V guitars are usually associated with heavy metal. With that saidrepparttar 116293 first place to start is whether to buy new or used. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but generallyrepparttar 116294 primary difference would be your budget. Stay flexible here and be onrepparttar 116295 lookout for good deals. It is important to note however, that guitars do tend to hold their value over time as long as they are well cared for and have no significant dings, dents or other damage. You can check out some excellent guitars at my website There is also a section for auctions, so go take a look. Nonetheless, you can usually expect to pay slightly less for a used guitar versus a new and comparable guitar. The downside to buying used is that there will undoubtedly be wear on necks, frets, fingerboards, and pick guards, and there could also be hidden or less noticeable damage. You can find multitudes of places onrepparttar 116296 Internet as well as in newspapers, and magazines for used guitars. However, one often overlooked place where great deals can be found is at pawnshops, flea markets, and swap meets. Keep this in mind when you begin your shopping. I have found some ofrepparttar 116297 very best deals atrepparttar 116298 local pawnshop. There are many affordable new guitars onrepparttar 116299 market today as well, and these should not be overlooked. Despiterepparttar 116300 slightly higher price, buying new is usually less risky when it comes to quality. But that is not to say all new guitars are good. One advantage to buying new is you will get a warranty. So it's worth comparingrepparttar 116301 new guitars in your price range torepparttar 116302 used ones. You can often get a decent new acoustic guitar worthy of a beginner for right around $100 and no more than $150. I would expect to pay about 10-20% less for a comparable used instrument. Check out some excellent guitars at my website and you may also consider some ofrepparttar 116303 package deals for an extra value.

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