Collected Unpaid Child Support

Written by Detra Davis

There is nothing more discouraging than doingrepparttar right thing and not getting credit for it. How many non-custodial parents are paying child support only to have it lost by a disbursement center that is under staffed and technologically inapt?

There is over $100 Billion in accumulated unpaid support owed to 18 million children inrepparttar 143719 United States, according to The Federal Office of Child Support inrepparttar 143720 Preliminary Statistics for 2003. Most states cannot explainrepparttar 143721 existence ofrepparttar 143722 “undistributed funds” nor do they know to whomrepparttar 143723 money rightfully belongs. The “undistributed funds” are created when non-custodial parents decide to make a check out to a child support agency orrepparttar 143724 custodial parent and avoid putting a docket number or case number onrepparttar 143725 check. It is honorable to pay child support. It is foolish to think that a check or money order made out incorrectly will get torepparttar 143726 intended custodial parent and child.

If you pay child support and you thinkrepparttar 143727 state disbursement agency has not forwardedrepparttar 143728 support funds torepparttar 143729 custodial parent, there are a few things you can do:

1. Request an audit of your child support case. You want to know where each and every penny has gone. 2. Keep a record of your child support payments whether there is a wage assignment andrepparttar 143730 funds are automatically taken from your earnings or you payrepparttar 143731 custodial parent directly, document everything and keep all earning statements that detailrepparttar 143732 deduction.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Unwed-Parents Must Establish Paternity

Written by Detra Davis

“It takes a village to raise a child” is more than an African proverb, and whenrepparttar village is small and one parent is missingrepparttar 143718 task becomes even more challenging. Fortunately, being proactive and understanding your rights as a parent will help alleviate any issues that might arise as you take onrepparttar 143719 role of single parent. Every child hasrepparttar 143720 right to a parent-child relationship with both parents, and all three deserve an opportunity to develop, enjoy and grow inrepparttar 143721 relationship.

Establishing Paternity 1. Every child hasrepparttar 143722 right to know both parents and haverepparttar 143723 father’s name appear onrepparttar 143724 birth certificate. Voluntarily establishing paternity is not expensive and does not have to involve an attorney or attorney fees. Both parents may contactrepparttar 143725 State Department/Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Central Paternity Registry, orrepparttar 143726 Department of Community Health and request an Affidavit of Paternity. There may be a small fee for filing this document but it will ensure legal paternity is established.

Paternity Testing 2. Paternity testing is a series of genetic tests used to indicaterepparttar 143727 likelihood that a man is, or is notrepparttar 143728 biological father of a child. The most common method used today is DNA testing which are 99.9 percent accurate in determining that a man is notrepparttar 143729 father. The child can be tested at any age, andrepparttar 143730 DNA test is obtained by rubbing a cotton tipped swab onrepparttar 143731 inside ofrepparttar 143732 check or DNA can be extracted from blood or other tissues. The court will determine who will pay forrepparttar 143733 paternity test. Laboratories performing paternity test should be accredited byrepparttar 143734 American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

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