Collaboration Software: Index of Collaboration Software Technologies

Written by Joe Miller

Collaboration Software

Collaboration Software, also known as group collaboration software or groupware, is software which allows cooperation on a business document between multiple parties on multiple computers. Collaboration software also allowsrepparttar integration and merging of document changes and versions on a business document.

There are two types of collaboration software: IT centered and low IT involvement. IT-centered collaboration software, like many document and content management platforms, requires new IT infrastructure, training, maintenance and support. Low IT involved collaboration software communicates collaborative information to all parties involved usingrepparttar 145564 existing IT infrastructure and with little or no training and maintenance, making open collaborative software more diverse and less expensive. This type of collaboration software also managesrepparttar 145565 ad hoc processes of business collaboration, assisting businesses even whenrepparttar 145566 workload and deadlines create a hectic and disorganized schedule.

This article presents an index of collaboration software technologies to assist businesses in finding collaboration software that works for them. Any given internet search on “groupware” or “collaboration software” will yield millions of results. Knowing what technologies to look for will help whittle downrepparttar 145567 results to a groupware that worksrepparttar 145568 way businesses work.

Digital Thread Technology literally threads together multiple drafts of a document by placing a tag inrepparttar 145569 metadata ofrepparttar 145570 document. Each timerepparttar 145571 document is edited or changed,repparttar 145572 changes are tracked. When it comes time to merge versions ofrepparttar 145573 document intorepparttar 145574 final draft, each version will be accounted for. In addition, those who work onrepparttar 145575 document will know what changes were made, when they were made, and where and by whomrepparttar 145576 drafts were saved.

Beating the Big Box Retailers

Written by Brett J. Daly

A question that faces many small business owners is how to compete withrepparttar big box retailers. Wal-Mart is a common target. To their credit, they've established a highly efficient distribution system and a really simple business model. They'll win on price due to distribution efficiency and economies of scale. So, this isn't meant to be a shot at Wal-Mart or any other big box player. However, I for one can't help but to hope that there always will be a spot forrepparttar 145563 smaller players. They may not be able to win on price, but they can provide outstanding service and bring profits back to their respective local community.

So,repparttar 145564 question becomes, how do you win? Business 2.0 published a pretty good article in their May 2005 issue titled "How to Beat Wal-Mart?" What's particularly interesting is that some folks have been successful even competing on price. Save-a-Lot competes by providingrepparttar 145565 convenience of a smaller store in local neighborhoods that aren't name brand. To me, that seems to take awayrepparttar 145566 direct brand competition, which is a good thing. The Dollar Tree also attracts those looking for low price in a small store with simple pricing. In fact, their operating margins are higher than Wal-Mart's. Finally, Costco succeeds via providing higher-end products to those who want good items at lower prices. Small business is a primary market, one that Sam's Club is now going after.

With all that said, fighting on price is a battle you'll likely lose. Especially if you are offering identical items. Wal-Mart will almost always beat you on price, although there are big box players who are less focused on price. So it might be a little more feasible against one of them. Still, I'd differentiate along other lines. Service isrepparttar 145567 obvious one. Going after a more upscale segment is another feasible route, although it is dependent on your local community's demographics. With all that said, it is still helpful to remove inefficiencies in your business. This will make you more competitive on price, and you can let other factors put you overrepparttar 145568 top.

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