Cold weather and your air tools

Written by Jason Miller

Whenrepparttar outdoor temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit over night, it is time to change to a winter weight oil for your compression pump, engine, and your air tools. This will solve most ofrepparttar 143298 cold weather problems we see. Whenrepparttar 143299 outside ambient temperature is belowrepparttar 143300 40 degree point your air compressor will be hard to start. An easy fix to this problem is to just warm uprepparttar 143301 air compressor, air lines and air impact wrench before you start it. Also, remember to change to thinner

Product Renaissance: 2006 Lincoln Zephyr Teams Up with the Most Durable Lincoln Accessories, Replacement and Performance Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Lincoln introduced atrepparttar North American International Auto Show an entirely new generation of consumers torepparttar 143260 qualities that have made Lincoln a classic American luxury marque for more than 70 years.

The Duratec 30 V-6 isrepparttar 143261 heart of Lincoln Zephyr's power train. Using intake Variable Cam Timing (i-VCT) to improve torque and reduce emissions,repparttar 143262 engine generates 210 horsepower and 200 foot-pounds of torque. More importantly, it isrepparttar 143263 cleanest Duratec 30 ever, and will be rated for ULEV II tailpipe emissions in California, with a U.S. federal government rating of Tier II, Bin 5 tailpipe and LEV II evaporative emissions in states outside California.

The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transaxle gradually emerging asrepparttar 143264 new industry standard for luxury cars. The innovative, wide-ratio transmission plays a key role in Lincoln Zephyr's performance and smooth operation.

The overall span ofrepparttar 143265 ratios is approximately 6:1 versus 4.5:1 for a typical five-speed, which allows this smaller, more fuel-efficient engine to deliver efficient gas mileage along with a strong performance feel. Another feature is thatrepparttar 143266 modern six-speed automatic is lighter than some competitor's four- and five-speed transaxles, boosting performance and economy further. The Lincoln zephyr also uses an electronic throttle control that works withrepparttar 143267 electronically controlled transaxle to ensure seamless shifts.

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