Coffee on Campaign: How to Roast Your Coffee Like Civil War Soldiers

Written by Paula McCoach

Coffee on Campaign Confederate and Union Soldiers Roast their Own Coffee, and You Can Do it Just Like them and other Little Beans about their Coffee Drinkin’ Habits andrepparttar War Betweenrepparttar 116327 States

by Paula McCoach as dictated byrepparttar 116328 Coach The Coffee Customer Spoilers

Roastin’ their own coffee was a common activity among soldiers inrepparttar 116329 War Betweenrepparttar 116330 States. They would carry only a few items and sometimes they would have been issued green coffee that they would roast. Their tin cup was what they had to completerepparttar 116331 entire process. Some of them did have a frying pan, but forrepparttar 116332 most part, they would roastrepparttar 116333 beans in their tin cups.

To do this at home, use a heavy iron frying pan. Roasting in your tin cup will mess uprepparttar 116334 solder joints. Pourrepparttar 116335 beans inrepparttar 116336 pan. You can’t just throwrepparttar 116337 in and leave them. Move them around. Stir them until they start to turn brown. The green beans have moisture in them and roasting them will drawrepparttar 116338 moisture out. The beans will even pop a little, not like popcorn. The roasting beans don’t jump out ofrepparttar 116339 pan, but they will crackle and snap some.

The beans now get a little chaff on them, but and keep stirring them. They will start to get different shades of brown. Stay away from real brown, which is like a French Roast. If you roastrepparttar 116340 beans this long, they will get an oily look to them. Different kinds of coffees have different kinds of reactions. I like minerepparttar 116341 color of a milk chocolate bar notrepparttar 116342 color of bitter –sweet chocolate. It’s up to your individual preference. When you haverepparttar 116343 beans roasted to your taste, let them cool before grinding them.

Oncerepparttar 116344 roast is to your liking, andrepparttar 116345 beans are cooled, you need to break them up with something. Civil War soldiers didn’t have much inrepparttar 116346 way of special equipment. They traveled light. That’s how they could get around so quickly and efficiently. Jackson’s Foot Calvary could march 20-30 miles a day. Some of them marched barefooted. They were just incredible people. So to imitate what they probably did, I would break up my freshly roasted coffee beans withrepparttar 116347 lug portion of my bayonet like a mortar and pestle, but it would not be as fine. I would take my bayonet andrepparttar 116348 round lug part, and I would putrepparttar 116349 coffee inrepparttar 116350 tin cup and putrepparttar 116351 cup between my feet and chomprepparttar 116352 beans to a fine a grind as I could get. A stick can also be used but it will not be as fine a grind. Put that freshly roasted and ground coffee in your tin cup.

Live the Life of a Civil War Soldier when You Drink your Mornin' Coffee

Written by Paula and Coach McCoach

Liverepparttar Life of a Civil War Soldier When you Drink your Mornin’ Coffee

by Paula McCoach The Coffee Customer Spoiler Civil War soldiers, Confederate and Union, used to make their coffee in pots. But onrepparttar 116326 march, they just used their boilers. Remember: don’t boil coffee. Confederates and Union soldiers had a little bit of coffee, chewin tabaccie, and that was it. Moreover, Confederates usually had tobacco, and Union troops hadrepparttar 116327 coffee. Whenrepparttar 116328 troops would cross paths duringrepparttar 116329 war, they would trade coffee for tobacco and vice versa. Soldiers would take their hardtack biscuits and soak it in coffee and get some fat and put it in a frying pan and fry a crust onrepparttar 116330 hardtack like chicken…real nutritious diet.

Civil War soldiers drank from large tin cups. Hot liquid filled allrepparttar 116331 way up in a tin cup will burn yer lips. Soldiers needed at least an inch or two atrepparttar 116332 top. So they would only fill it two-thirds full and let it cool a little so they could tolerate it. Don’t drink from old tin cups that you might find in an antique store. They have lead solder. Buy a reproduction of one at a Civil War reenactment or from a Sutler who advertises in some ofrepparttar 116333 military history magazines. Coffee boilers are large tin cups with a handle on them. Some of them even have lids on them. They hold 22-24 ozs. of liquid. They look like a cup that is a coffee pot.

Drinkin’ from an antique cup definitely enhancesrepparttar 116334 coffee drinkin’ experience. The vibes of allrepparttar 116335 people who have gone before have left their energy and spirit inrepparttar 116336 fiber ofrepparttar 116337 cup. Antique tin and enamel cups can be found in antique stores Enamel cups are not as hot as a tin cup, but it has that “nostaaaalgic” cup quality. I like drinkin’ from antique cups because I like that “antiqueness” of it.

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