Coffee Brewin' Civil War Style

Written by Paula and Coach McCoach

Coffee Brewin' - Civil War Style by: Paula McCoach The Coffee Customer Spoiler!!

Even though there was a war betweenrepparttar states, both Confederate and Union soldiers still drank their morning coffee. But how did they make it? Obviously, being inrepparttar 116325 1860's and inrepparttar 116326 open fields and battlegrounds, there were no electric coffee makers, cappuccino machines, and not even latte! Jim McCoach, a Civil War reenactor for 25 years, has recreatedrepparttar 116327 method they used and named it Open-Pot Brewin'.

Open-Pot Brewin' is a unique technique developed by Coach's Coffee to serve Civil War reenactors coffee inrepparttar 116328 field. First, Coach's Coffee starts with their own blend, Coach's Blend. This blend is made of 5 types of Arabica beans. Arabica beans are grown at a higher altitude than Robusta beans and have a smoother taste. If you want to create your own blend for Open-Pot Brewin,' mix and match several types of beans until you getrepparttar 116329 taste you prefer. For more information on Creatin' Your Own Blend, email

Open-Pot Brewin consists of several steps. Start withrepparttar 116330 best blend of Arabica beans. Grind your coffee to a very fine grind - it would be what is called "Drip" grind in grocery stores. Heatrepparttar 116331 water to just below boiling. This is a very important step, as boiling water will makerepparttar 116332 coffee bitter. Pour water overrepparttar 116333 grinds. Stirrepparttar 116334 grinds down twice letting them rise torepparttar 116335 top each time. Strainrepparttar 116336 grinds and serve.

Delectable Collectibles

Written by C.L.Hanna

What causes us to become collectors?

For some of us, it's as simple as finally being able to afford to have that certain thing that, as a child, we always wanted but were unable to attain due to a lack of finances. Perhaps we dreamed of it, longed for it, and hoped for it so much, that now, as adults havingrepparttar money to buy it...we simply can't get enough of it! For my mother-in-law it was dolls. Now, in her seventies she has many dolls! Some she has purchased for herself, but most have been gifts from those who have known that she loved them as a girl, yet never had one of her very own. The variety of dolls she now has, adorn her bedroom and give her great pleasure...a testimony torepparttar 116324 fact that it's never too late to begin a collection.

While some collections hold purely sentimental value, others are strictly monetary.

One relative has had quite a collection of precious and semi-precious stones overrepparttar 116325 years and because of their worth, has had to hide them at times. It's hard to enjoy a collection that has to be hidden under lock and key...but netting a handsome profit at resale can be more than satisfying for some collectors. My grandfather collected guns. He was a gun-smith and could make or restore almost any type of rifle. I now have one of those rifles from his carefully guarded but precious collection. He had it because he loved guns - I have it because I loved him.

No matter what it is...there is probably someone who collects it.

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