Coca Cola Championship 2005/06 Betting preview

Written by PuntersRealm

Coca Cola Championship 2005/06 Betting preview:

The new season is fast approaching, but there remains plenty of time for transfer movement overrepparttar coming weeks and that will be a key factor inrepparttar 148333 betting forrepparttar 148334 Championship.

The three teams that were relegated fromrepparttar 148335 Premiership headrepparttar 148336 market, where they are joined by Wolves (13/2), who had an outstanding run overrepparttar 148337 second half of last season.

Southampton (6/1) and Crystal Palace (13/2) should each be expected to make a strong bid forrepparttar 148338 title but I believe Norwich, who are a touch longer thanrepparttar 148339 other market leaders at 7/1, arerepparttar 148340 best equipped to bounce straight back torepparttar 148341 top flight as champions.

Relegated teams do not always adjust straight away torepparttar 148342 Championship, particularly if they are forced to sell key players and that is likely to happen to bothrepparttar 148343 Saints and Palace and, like West Ham before them, I can see them scrapping for play-off places.

Southampton have already lost Kevin Phillips and Jamie Redknapp, while Peter Crouch isrepparttar 148344 subject of strong interest from several Premiership clubs. Similarly, it will be a surprise if Palace keep hold of Andy Johnson.

Norwich, onrepparttar 148345 other hand, look set to retainrepparttar 148346 key men who will make a significant difference to their prospects.

Dean Ashton scored 20 goals in 24 league games last season for Crewe at this level and then prospered in his five months inrepparttar 148347 Premiership withrepparttar 148348 Canaries.

He should guarantee them 20 goals, while Darren Huckerby will once again be a real menace, as he was when he inspired City torepparttar 148349 title two years ago.

The hard-working Jason Jarrett, signed on a free transfer from Wigan, will be a decent replacement should Damien Francis depart, while Nigel Worthington can call on an experienced defence who have proved themselves to be winners at this level.

Horseracing: Basic form reading checklist/Betting guide

Written by PuntersRealm

Horseracing: Basic form reading checklist/Betting guide

This is a basic form reading checklist, most of you will already have your own techniques, but hopefully it may help you take some cash fromrepparttar bookies inrepparttar 148332 future.

If you are looking up form for a particular race there are a few things to look for first. We recommend making a checklist to use for each race you study, your checklist should haverepparttar 148333 following questions:

1. Have any ofrepparttar 148334 horses in todays race ran over todays distance?

2. Have any been successfull at that distance? of those that have, was it recently?

3. Were any of todays horses in that race?

4. What weight did they carry?

5. Whenrepparttar 148335 horse was successfull, was it carryingrepparttar 148336 same jockey on board?

6. Isrepparttar 148337 trainer on form with his other horses?

7. What wasrepparttar 148338 state ofrepparttar 148339 ground orrepparttar 148340 going?(in relation to question 5)

8. Are todays conditionsrepparttar 148341 same as then? (in relation to question 5)

9. Are his rivals any better off atrepparttar 148342 weights and have those horses ran since and improved?

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