Coaching can get the boss in shape

Written by Graham Yemm

Who tellsrepparttar boss that they can improve their management or leadership? How do they look at themselves objectively and identify what areas they can improve andrepparttar 142488 benefits of doing so?

These days many people have become more aware ofrepparttar 142489 need to look after their bodies and their health. Not only do many join gyms or start participating in sports regularly – a number are using personal trainers. Why do they choose to do this? Consider top performers inrepparttar 142490 sports world, or areas such as drama and classical music. What do they have in common? The majority haverepparttar 142491 equivalent ofrepparttar 142492 personal trainer (or more than one!). These arerepparttar 142493 people atrepparttar 142494 top of their field and yet they choose to do this. Why?

Some bosses have had formal management and leadership training, and many have not. Regardless, it does not mean that they have not got some areas which would improve with some conditioning, or reconditioning! Yet, asrepparttar 142495 quotation below says, how many will: a) admit to these things, and b) do something about them?

“People will go to a lot of trouble to learn French or Physics or Scuba diving. They haverepparttar 142496 patience to learn to operate a car, but they won’t be bothered learning how to operate themselves” -Newman & Berkowitz

We all knowrepparttar 142497 risks of not keeping ourselves in shape thanks torepparttar 142498 media and countless reports and surveys. How aware are we ofrepparttar 142499 risks to our organisations if we have too many bosses who are out of shape in terms of their own style or skills? The knock-on effect of them continuing to behave inrepparttar 142500 same “out of shape” way can bad forrepparttar 142501 people working around them and forrepparttar 142502 organisation’s health.

Many bosses, whatever their roles or levels, do not like attending training programmes to develop themselves or their skills. Sometimes there are genuine reasons and often there are a range of frequently used excuses. (Too busy being a frequent cop-out – and is often a good symptom ofrepparttar 142503 problems with their management style and capability.) Whether you are “a boss” who recognises this, or someone who is interested in ways to influence bosses to develop themselves, you might need to look at other options!

The last few years have seen a massive growth in “coaching”, whether life-coaching, corporate coaching or executive coaching or other labels. This does tell us one thing, there is a market there for coaches! Also, that more people think that they can benefit from working with a coach. It is not onlyrepparttar 142504 likes of Tim Henman and Tiger Woods who think like this!

Withinrepparttar 142505 corporate world, coaching is a very effective way of developing people. Although a significant amount of coaching occurs with board level executives, it is being used increasingly for other levels withinrepparttar 142506 organisation. There is a limited amount of data aboutrepparttar 142507 return on investment from coaching though it is growing. Early studies can demonstrate an ROI of 6 TIMESrepparttar 142508 investment – and that is inrepparttar 142509 measurable outcomes, notrepparttar 142510 intangible gains torepparttar 142511 organisation! This is for coaching used in isolation. One organisation measured improvements after training courses and found that they got around 22% improvement in productivity. When this was supported by coachingrepparttar 142512 improvement was 88%!! Yes, coaching pays dividends!

So, what can a coach do to helprepparttar 142513 boss get in shape? We believe that there are three key steps to effective coaching interactions and they have some similarities with signing up torepparttar 142514 gym and a personal trainer. (These form a process we refer to as “Coherent Coaching” shown in Fig.1.)

First things first – a diagnosis phase. This is critical torepparttar 142515 overall success ofrepparttar 142516 project. What isrepparttar 142517 reason for thinking thatrepparttar 142518 boss needs to get in shape? (The fitness assessment?) The clearer you can be aboutrepparttar 142519 areas to be addressed,repparttar 142520 existing situation and problems,repparttar 142521 impact on others inrepparttar 142522 organisation,repparttar 142523 easier it will be to generate specific aims. This stage can look atrepparttar 142524 boss in terms ofrepparttar 142525 organisational context and why coaching is being considered, and their personal style and behaviours. Not that these have to be mutually exclusive!

Ukraine: a Prospective Player on the World Software Outsourcing Market

Written by Alex Polonski

The destruction ofrepparttar Soviet Union about 15 years ago, made a huge country with a great level of IT science divided into small bricks. Nowadays, despite Russia's expansion intorepparttar 142487 world software development market, Ukraine keeps playing an important role here too. There are several prerequisites for this.


Traditionally, Ukraine always was a technical region ofrepparttar 142488 USSR. No wonder,repparttar 142489 IT education was and still is one ofrepparttar 142490 most popular and respective education inrepparttar 142491 region. Such well-known Ukrainian universities as Kyiv National Technical University, Donetsk National Technical University etc. as well as new establishments with more innovative approach for IT specialists education, such as Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence and others, educate a new prospective generation of young IT professionals, ambitious and purposeful.

It's obvious, Ukrainian students win in international contests, and show true professionalism and ability to enter a business life immediately, hence, to playrepparttar 142492 first fiddle inrepparttar 142493 labour market. Asrepparttar 142494 latest example, one can remember students of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics that became first place winners ofrepparttar 142495 International Web Development Contest (I.C.W.D.I.C. 2005) held by XITEX Software Company in spring 2005.

That is why governments of European countries encourage Ukrainian programmers to come and to work there. Germany isrepparttar 142496 best example of a country that understands all pros and cons of Ukrainian IT professional, thus it'srepparttar 142497 country that sees its benefits of employing Ukrainian programmers.

Another one important factor isrepparttar 142498 cost of labour. In Ukraine, usual hourly rates for programmers are $10-$15. Although they are little bigger than Indian ones, they are still 1.5 times lesser than Russian ones and several times lesser than American or European costs. If you considerrepparttar 142499 high level of professionalism and responsibility, then you add a European mind and time zone, plus a fluent English ofrepparttar 142500 most of IT people, you realize that Ukraine is that happy medium each company looks for. Hence, many companies that outsource have already realized it.

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