Coaching a Leader

Written by Stephanie Tuia

One of my favorite memories growing up as a child was making trips with my family to my sisterís volleyball tournaments onrepparttar weekends. Those memories are filled with being a part of an exciting atmosphere, sitting inrepparttar 137011 stands and watchingrepparttar 137012 action-packed games. Along with watching my sister play, I recall two other players byrepparttar 137013 names of Christy and Liz, who stood out to me because of their athletic talent onrepparttar 137014 court. Overrepparttar 137015 four years of my sisterís high school career, I followed their volleyball careers as well because Christy was my sisterís teammate, and Liz was a player from a rival school.

Several years later, I started high school sports, and duringrepparttar 137016 off-season, joined a club volleyball team. When I met my coaches, I was surprised to find out that it was Christy and Liz. They were coming off of seasoned volleyball careers onrepparttar 137017 collegiate level. I was eager atrepparttar 137018 opportunity to play underrepparttar 137019 direction of two favorite athletic role models.

When I think of that one particular season with my two coaches, I recognize it asrepparttar 137020 best season that I have ever experienced. Likewise, I can distinguish Christy and Liz asrepparttar 137021 best coaches whom I have ever associated with. As far as my physical abilities and coaching guidance are concerned, I hadrepparttar 137022 best physical and mental growth with volleyball under their coaching.

As effective coaches, Christy and Liz have demonstrated ideal qualities that have made a positive contribution to their coaching abilities.

Leaders as athletes: During their playing careers, Christy and Liz were bothrepparttar 137023 go-to players onrepparttar 137024 court,repparttar 137025 MVPs of their team, and arguablyrepparttar 137026 most exciting players to watch. Their leadership attributes were demonstrated by making amazing plays and scoring many points for their team. Christy and Liz were not just any former athletes; they wererepparttar 137027 elitist among their teammates. Their leadership as players transitioned easily into their new roles as coaches. As coaches, they would expectrepparttar 137028 same standards that they were up against when they were players. Those high standards elevated us to challenging, but very attainable goals.

Job Tips For The Frustrated Job Seeker

Written by TJ Smith

There is nothing more frustrating and depressing when you are out of work and trying to find a job and your job search is going no where. Don't feel bad, you are not alone and there is a good reason why searching for a new job can be so difficult. There is no doubtrepparttar job market has changed. 30 years ago when I applied for my first job I remember answering an ad inrepparttar 137010 paper, calling and speaking to a real person, going in forrepparttar 137011 interview, filling out a application, hadrepparttar 137012 interview and was offeredrepparttar 137013 $3.75 and hour shipping job. Things are not that simple today. Back then there was no voice mail, no email, you mailed in a typed resume, who had a fax at home? You called and talked to a real person. You may of filled out a application but notrepparttar 137014 dozen forms you need to today. And you never had to prove you were legally allowed to work inrepparttar 137015 United States. Today if you are looking for a job how to you stand out inrepparttar 137016 impersonal hiring environment that exists in most companies. If you apply online you are competing against dozens if not hundreds of others. Competition is stiff for a number of jobs a human never even sees your resume. Are there steps you can follow that will improve your chances? After being unemployed for several months after 3 years of self employment and becoming more depressed and frustrated in not finding a job, I took my job search to a new level which finally paid off in a new job. I had been self employed for 3 years but after a divorce and starting life over, my self employment was no longer working. I had to biterepparttar 137017 bullet and start looking for a job. The first mistake I realized was my resume was not working. I had updated it to reflect my self employment which was not related to my previous career. I was trying to find a position in my previous career inrepparttar 137018 graphics and computer support industry. By starting my work history with my self employment it made it look like I had been out ofrepparttar 137019 industry even longer and my skills even more outdated. I was just shooting myself inrepparttar 137020 foot. I changed my self employment to reflect my computer skills so while I had been out ofrepparttar 137021 industry for awhile I wasn't out of touch. Some employers have doubts about people who have been self employed. They think they are going to go back to their own business or worse they only want a job so they can use company resources for their own gain. In my case I was able to explain that I had an opportunity to work at home and spend time with my preschool son, it had been for family reasons. Most employers respect that. To begin with you really need to take a hard look at your resume. If you have always worked in one area and are applying for a position similar to those you have had inrepparttar 137022 past then your resume may just need some updating and polish. There are a number of good books and websites on resume writing. If you really need help then a resume service may be money well spent. How many resumes do you have? There is no reason you can't have several. I was applying for a variety of positions some that would made me "over qualified" or unrelated experience if I stuck with just one standard resume. I created a "general" resume that listed a variety of skills that could fit any number of non specific jobs. You can have one that is very specific forrepparttar 137023 industry you are applying for and there is no reason you can't change it to a specific company especially if it will be scanned in and checked for "keywords" Some companies scan for keywords or buzzwords related torepparttar 137024 position, their company or industry. Even if you arerepparttar 137025 most qualified person for that position, if your resume doesn't have those keywords, it will never get seen. In addition to having a few different resumes you should have it in several different formats also. If you need to mail it in then a nice easy to read printed resume is in order. Same if you will be faxing it in. If you email your resume then your cover letter will be your email and your resume will be attached. Most employers request it be in a word .doc format or text but you can also use a pdf format. If you have your own website why not post it online with a link in your email. That way if your attachment can't be read they can print it offrepparttar 137026 internet. For examplerepparttar 137027 link could be You should also have a unformatted text only resume for uploading to online job sites.

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