Coaching Costs

Written by Chris Malta

"Coaching Costs" Why does Internet Business Coaching cost so much? If you don't know what Internet Business Coaching is, you will soon enough. These companies are becoming more and more visible onrepparttar Internet scene every day. What they do is provide you with 'personalized' help in starting and running your Internet business. There are several Coaching operations we've seen recently that provide some or all ofrepparttar 116928 following services to you, over a set period of time: -One-on-One phone time with your assigned Coach -Email support with your assigned Coach -Online Classes -Printed materials to read -Video/DVD materials to watch -Seminars aroundrepparttar 116929 US These services are supposed to be designed to teach you everything from how to set up web sites or auctions, to choosing which products might sell better for you, to raising your rankings inrepparttar 116930 Search Engines, and more. Are they legit? Frankly, as far as I'm concerned,repparttar 116931 'jury' is still out on this question. I've looked at some of their course outlines, I've spoken to several ofrepparttar 116932 owners and managers of these companies, and I've dealt with some ofrepparttar 116933 smaller (one or two person) operations that want you to think they are big companies. I have a ways to go yet before deciding whether I want to make any particular recommendations. There are three large Coaching companies I have found that look legitimate to me, but I want to go a lot further in investigatingrepparttar 116934 issue before I tell you that I think they are worthrepparttar 116935 time and money. There are also many very small operations, as I said, that want you to think they are big Coaching companies, and those, to me, are definitely not worthrepparttar 116936 money. It's just not possible for one or two people to providerepparttar 116937 level of constant training and support needed by more than just a few clients, sorepparttar 116938 small Coaches are out, in my opinion. The larger companies may be legit, but I'm still working on determining that. When I make that determination to my own satisfaction, I'll tell you about it in a future edition of this Newsletter. This particular article is intended to explain why a legitimate Internet Business Coaching company would have to chargerepparttar 116939 kinds of high fees that so many Coaching companies ask for (anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 or more). They've gotta payrepparttar 116940 rent! A large Coaching company will have many people working for them inrepparttar 116941 same set of offices. Let me give you an idea of what that costs them, by telling you about what it costs us to run our offices. Whenever you bring a group of people to work for you in a closed environment, like an office setting, it costs a lot of money. I can attest to that personally. My company, Worldwide Brands, Inc. employs many people in our offices near Orlando, Florida. My Partners and I spent a great deal of money setting up those offices, and a great deal more bringing onrepparttar 116942 (excellent) staff of people we have here. It isn't as easy as just renting space. Once you haverepparttar 116943 office space, which isn't cheap to begin with, you need to furnish that office space. Desks, chairs, file cabinets, tables. Those plastic things that you put onrepparttar 116944 floor that your chairs roll around on (you wouldn't believe what those things cost!). Staplers, paper, pens, sticky notes, and places to store and organize your office supplies. Restroom supplies. A refrigerator for everybody's soft drinks and lunches. Signs forrepparttar 116945 building andrepparttar 116946 doors. Then, you need Phone Service. Thousands of dollars for digital phone systems that run multiple lines over a digital (T1) phone connection. An 800 number. Thousands per month in phone service and long distance bills. Of course, you can't run a business without Computers. A PC for every employee, and a couple of extras for training use. A Server Computer to function as a central data storage location, and to run nightly backups of all your data. Thousands of dollars worth of software licensed for all your computers and your Server. Printers and a Fax Machine. A Network Router and Hubs.

4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Wealth

Written by Kevin Purfield

4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Wealth Copyright Kevin Purfield

1. Believe you can

Before anything happens there is first a thought. Nature does not giverepparttar ability to conceive an idea withoutrepparttar 116927 ability to create it.

Believing you can do anything isrepparttar 116928 first step to beginning anything. There are endless possibilities available to you to createrepparttar 116929 life you desire.

2. Start a business

Start your own business and learn to be self-sufficient. As you learn to build a business you will gain greater control and understanding ofrepparttar 116930 amount of money you can create.

According torepparttar 116931 book The Millionaire Next Door self-employed people made up less than 20% ofrepparttar 116932 workers in America but accounted for two thirds ofrepparttar 116933 millionaires. Start your own business even if it's a part time home business.

3. Develop residual income

Residual income is money you receive even if you do not work. An example would be if you owned an apartment building. The renters pay their rent which paysrepparttar 116934 buildings expenses. Any income aboverepparttar 116935 expenses can be considered residual income.

Another example of residual income would be if you owned shares of stock in a company that paid quarterly dividends. As a share holder you would receive divided payments four times per year. You do not have to do any work for them.

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