Closing Up Your Container Garden

Written by Debbie Rodgers

All good things eventually come to an end and so summer is waning, even as autumn gives most of us a fresh start. I'll bet your summer container plantings aren't really benefiting, though, fromrepparttar "back to school-oh I love a clean notebook" boost and aren't dying as gracefully as summer itself is. You're going to have to help them through this!

Saving Summer I understand if you just can't bearrepparttar 100104 thought of waving good-bye to your wave petunias just yet. That's okay - you can bring some of your tropical annuals indoors forrepparttar 100105 winter, to easerepparttar 100106 pain of parting with them.

If you haverepparttar 100107 space, a sunny window and enough moisture, you can save palms, ferns and other tropicals. Likely though, you'll have more success with taking cuttings and helping your plants clone themselves. (It's kind of like Day ofrepparttar 100108 Triffids withoutrepparttar 100109 evil.)

Pick a healthy plant with no nasty bugs or blights. With a sharp knife, cut off non-flowering stems 3-4 inches (8-11 cm) long, and striprepparttar 100110 leaves offrepparttar 100111 lower two-thirds ofrepparttar 100112 stem. Diprepparttar 100113 cut edges in rooting hormone, available at your local nursery, and stick them in dampened sand or peat moss, or a glass of tap water. Placerepparttar 100114 pot, tray or glass in a sunny spot and wait 3-4 weeks. Ifrepparttar 100115 cuttings are in sand or peat, don't forget to water to keep them damp throughout that time.

Whenrepparttar 100116 roots are at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) long, you can plant them in potting soil in attractive containers and winter them on a sunny windowsill or table. This method works well with annuals such as geraniums (pelargonium), coleus, and some ivies. You can also try propagating impatiens this way.


Written by John Rocco

When we left off last week, we had removedrepparttar old wood sash windows and preparedrepparttar 100103 opening forrepparttar 100104 vinyl replacement windows. Now it's time to install your new windows. You should have someone there to help you when doingrepparttar 100105 installation. First, Remove all shipping materials fromrepparttar 100106 window. Now, if you are installing several different sizes, make sure you are puttingrepparttar 100107 correct window inrepparttar 100108 correct opening. You need to putrepparttar 100109 window intorepparttar 100110 opening to make sure it's going to fit, then remove it and run a bead of caulk onrepparttar 100111 face ofrepparttar 100112 outside blind stop whererepparttar 100113 window will rest. You don't want to caulk, only to discoverrepparttar 100114 windows are too big. It's worthrepparttar 100115 extra few minutes to make sure it's going to fit. Liftrepparttar 100116 window and setrepparttar 100117 bottom in first. Then raiserepparttar 100118 top until it rests againstrepparttar 100119 outside blind stops. Sometimes, when raisingrepparttar 100120 top into position,repparttar 100121 window frame will hitrepparttar 100122 top ofrepparttar 100123 wood frame. You need to tap down onrepparttar 100124 top ofrepparttar 100125 vinyl frame while keeping pressure towardsrepparttar 100126 outside.

Once you determine that it's going to fit, removerepparttar 100127 new window and set it aside. Run a bead of caulk onrepparttar 100128 face ofrepparttar 100129 outside blind stops. White latex painters caulk works fine. Raiserepparttar 100130 window into position again. Now have your helper holdrepparttar 100131 window in position while you raise and lowerrepparttar 100132 sashes, making certain thatrepparttar 100133 window is square inrepparttar 100134 opening. Remember how you orderedrepparttar 100135 windows 3/16"- 1/4" shorter thanrepparttar 100136 tightest measurement? This is where you use this space to adjustrepparttar 100137 frame to berepparttar 100138 most plumb and level. Get a box of popsicle sticks and wood coffee stirrers atrepparttar 100139 grocery store. The coffee stirrers are about 1/16" thick, andrepparttar 100140 popsicle sticks are approximately twice as thick. You want to putrepparttar 100141 shims inrepparttar 100142 four corners. Then caulkrepparttar 100143 gap on both sides and alongrepparttar 100144 top before installingrepparttar 100145 inside stops. I don't recommend putting any screws inrepparttar 100146 sides, but you can put one screw inrepparttar 100147 top center and one inrepparttar 100148 bottom center. You really dont have to use any screws in this kind of installation, sincerepparttar 100149 shims will eliminate any side play, andrepparttar 100150 caulk onrepparttar 100151 blind stops will holdrepparttar 100152 frame in place as well. Remember, we still need to re-installrepparttar 100153 inside stops.

Before installingrepparttar 100154 inside stops, remove allrepparttar 100155 old nails and replace them with new nails. A 1"- 1 1/4" finish nail is fine. Before installingrepparttar 100156 inside stops, scrape all old caulk offrepparttar 100157 stops. Then, while your helper holdsrepparttar 100158 window in place, nail your stops back on. Ifrepparttar 100159 window has 4 stops, installrepparttar 100160 shortest ones first. That way you can bendrepparttar 100161 longer stops into place betweenrepparttar 100162 two short ones. Use a nail punch to sinkrepparttar 100163 head pastrepparttar 100164 surface ofrepparttar 100165 stop. If you have several windows to do, i suggest doingrepparttar 100166 first window to this point before going torepparttar 100167 next. How frustrating would it be to have a helper removingrepparttar 100168 old sashes, only to discover thatrepparttar 100169 windows aren't going to fit!? Ifrepparttar 100170 first one goes in fine, then you can send your helper ahead of you to start removing old sashes. The best way to avoidrepparttar 100171 nightmare of having a bunch of new windows that won't fit is to make sure you measure CORRECTLY. Remember, tight minus 1/4" onrepparttar 100172 width and height should be fine.

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