Closing The Deal

Written by Kevin Schappell

Congratulations !!!! You gotrepparttar deal you were looking for. Now isrepparttar 102773 perfect time to mention torepparttar 102774 dealer that you are looking to trade in that car you are currently driving. This way they cannot jack uprepparttar 102775 new car costs and offer you more for your car to make it seem like a better deal. If your trade-in is in good shape you should be looking for a price somewhere between retail and wholesale. If your car is spotless make surerepparttar 102776 dealer knows he will not have to recondition it. Most research sites list trade-in value inrepparttar 102777 pricing reports, this is a good starting point. If your trade-in is less than perfect don't expect more than wholesale price. The dealers will take clunkers but they end up onrepparttar 102778 auction blockrepparttar 102779 next week.

After The Sale

Written by Kevin Schappell

Enjoy your car... that's simple huh? Well it's not really that simple. Here is a list of things to think about afterrepparttar sale. ·Notify your insurance agent aboutrepparttar 102772 new car. ·Readrepparttar 102773 entire owners manual. Familiarize yourself withrepparttar 102774 service requirements. Understand when you need to change oil, filters, and other major things like timing belt and driveline fluids. ·Get used to operatingrepparttar 102775 heating/AC controls andrepparttar 102776 radio so you do not have to fumble around and risk an accident while onrepparttar 102777 highway. ·Poprepparttar 102778 hood and findrepparttar 102779 oil filler cap,repparttar 102780 oil dipstick. If you bought a car with an automotive transmission there will be a dipstick forrepparttar 102781 transmission fluid also.

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