Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #5

Written by Tami Close

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #5

Wow! You must be on fire by now burning and churning up those calories on your way to your ideal weight. I know that taking steps to better your life is not always easy. It takes courage to do this. Sometimes itís easier just to keep inrepparttar mind set of surviving and do what youíve always done. When you do what youíve always done, youíll get what youíve always gotten. Is this what you desire? Or do you want something different, something that is absolutely amazing?

You know what I believe? I believe youíre ready to burst out of your shell and manifest everything that is yours by Divine right. You are so ready to soar aboverepparttar 142655 clouds that nothing can stop you from achieving success. God has these plans for you, and he wants you thriving, not surviving. Youíre now recognizing what you need to do in order to obey His commands. To thrive means paying attention to yourself so that you can be all that God intends for you. If sometimes you feel that youíre not living Godís plan, He forgives you even when youíre not connected to Him. Now, if God can forgive you, then letís work on forgiving yourself.

I want you to take out a mirror and look into it while readingrepparttar 142656 following statements. If you donít have a hand-held one, then go stand by a mirror.

________________ (Fill in your name), I forgive you for _____________________ (fill inrepparttar 142657 blank with whatever it is you need to forgive yourself for). I know that you were doingrepparttar 142658 best you could.

________________ , I forgive you for _________________________.

________________ , I forgive you for _________________________.

________________ , I forgive you for _________________________.

There might be several things you want to forgive yourself for or you might just have a few things. The important thing is to focus on forgiving so you can release it.

Walk, or Run, to Achieve Weight Loss

Written by Michael Lewis

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------------ Walk, or Run, to Achieve Weight Loss


----- Walk, or Run, to Achieve Weight Loss

Walk, or Run, to Achieve Weight Loss

---------------------------------------- Walk or run, goingrepparttar 142508 extra mile -- literally -- in hopes of greater weight loss may be something of an exercise in futility. A new study suggests thatrepparttar 142509 typical American dieter can lose as much weight with moderate workouts as with more intense bouts.

This research shows that along with dieting, when overweight women started a new exercise routine after years of being inactive, it didn't really matter whether they came out of repparttar 142510 gate running or walking briskly. After a year, there was only a total weight-loss difference of 1 1/2 pounds between them.

"It appears that intensity is notrepparttar 142511 main factor impacting long-term weight loss," says researcher John M. Jakicic, PhD, director ofrepparttar 142512 Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center atrepparttar 142513 University of Pittsburgh.

Exercise As Little as 10 Minutes

--------------------------------------------------- It's consistency -- doing some exercise on a regular basis, "even accumulated in bouts of as little as 10 minutes at a time," he tells WebMD.

Jakicic reports that women who started to exercise 200 minutes a week at vigorous levels -- such as running or another activity to leave them panting and sweaty -- shed an average of 19 1/2 pounds after a year, compared withrepparttar 142514 18 pounds lost by those spendingrepparttar 142515 same time in more moderate workouts such as walking. Women who exercised 150 minutes a week lost about 15 1/2 pounds with vigorous workouts and 14 pounds at a moderate pace.

Men weren't studied, but Jakicic says there's no reason to believe results would differ in them.

The take-home message: Whatever pace you exercise, do it regularly. "It's best if individuals develop a pattern of exercise that's performed on a daily basis," he tells WebMD.

The Right Exercise

------------------------------------------------- His findings, published in this week's Journal ofrepparttar 142516 American Medical Association, reinforcerepparttar 142517 often-prescribed recommendations for better health from getting at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week, even if it's at a moderate level. That's important because most dieters give up on exercise programs after a few months, often because they find them too difficult. But by engaging in less strenuous activities such as walking at least a 20-minute-per-mile pace, they may be more likely to continue.

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