Close Kept Secrets To Weight Loss

Written by Tami Close

Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #1

I am so grateful that you’re taking steps to take control of your life. You will be amazed when we work together how much you’ll uncover about yourself. You’ll understand how your thoughts have contributed to your being overweight and you will take daily steps to put together a new plan of action for yourself. I imagine that you are tired of living like this and want some new, something better for yourself. I am here to help you and I know you can do it!

As an integrative body therapist, I work with energy and thought processes. With this in mind, we’re going to begin this lesson with a discussion on energy and how you attract excess weight.

Everything is made up of energy. The couch you’re sitting on,repparttar table, even money is made up of energy. Our bodies are nothing but pure energy. Since everything is made up of energy, these things are affected byrepparttar 135899 Natural Laws ofrepparttar 135900 Universe. These Laws are designed to manifest whatever we put our thoughts on. In simple terms, whatever you put your mind on, is what you’re going to get.

We’re going to look at one ofrepparttar 135901 Natural Laws—the Law of Attraction. How does this apply to being overweight? When you hold negative thoughts in your body, symptoms appear based on those thoughts. In your case, you hold excess weight. You may be experiencing other symptoms as well, but your main focus right now is your weight. You hold negative thoughts in your body and this attracts excess weight. According to Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, outlines weight issues in her book and anger isrepparttar 135902 driving force underneathrepparttar 135903 weight. It can be anything from anger at being denied love, anger atrepparttar 135904 parents or anger at one specific parent—oftenrepparttar 135905 father. In my case, I was angry at both parents, but more so my father.

Trials and Tribulations of a fitness trainer

Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

Feeling likerepparttar NASA rover, Spirit, I started January triumphant. Ah, that quest for perfection, that ever burning flame that drives us onward to testrepparttar 135898 perimeters of our well being/existence. Especially after lolling in holiday bliss. I was energized and fortified, with a couple of extra pounds to propel me with extra fire power. Running inrepparttar 135899 mountains of our upstate home, coming home and working out religiously and tending torepparttar 135900 perfect diet another example of perfect technical prowess. The first week of work back inrepparttar 135901 city routine went spectacularly. Until likerepparttar 135902 rover abruptly malfunctioning, a glitch? I developed laryngitis. I knew I hadn’t been taking my vitamins and not enough vegetables overrepparttar 135903 holidays and was now compensating with a strict regime to stave offrepparttar 135904 dreaded cold or flu signs flashing ahead. The immune system was showing weakness, I stoppedrepparttar 135905 exercise to fortify immunity. A week later, feeling better, my voice sounding less like broken violin strings, I dashed ahead. A fantastic workout, never better, I’m back,repparttar 135906 “Victor” I think! The boom lowered later that night while trying to get up for dinner … I couldn’t. The next day, likerepparttar 135907 rover I was put to sleep untilrepparttar 135908 malfunction was corrected. Well there goes 2 perfectly good weeks of dreams and aspirations! Week 3 I was sure I would redeem myself until I realized a bronchial infection kicked in and I’m down forrepparttar 135909 count for another week. Good intentions paverepparttar 135910 road to……trying to hone in onrepparttar 135911 root ofrepparttar 135912 problem.

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