Climbing a mountain of ice in nine weeks

Written by Ashley Barnard

Climbing a Mountain of Ice in Nine weeks

Have you aver seenrepparttar documentaries of mountaineers and ice climbers well that's me! I have climbed some ofrepparttar 149691 biggest mountains aroundrepparttar 149692 world and climbed some ofrepparttar 149693 steepest ice of frozen water falls and glaciers.

Why do I do it?

Well, I get asked this all questionrepparttar 149694 time and I always giverepparttar 149695 same, reply “because it is there” This however my not berepparttar 149696 real truth, it is something aboutrepparttar 149697 challenge and being away fromrepparttar 149698 crowds, being onrepparttar 149699 front of a 300 meter cliff with only a pair of crampons and ice axes between you andrepparttar 149700 ground, putting all your skills and strengths as an ice climber againstrepparttar 149701 odds. It makes me feel alive, and to be honest when I am ice climbing, I am me! Me Ashley Barnardrepparttar 149702 ice climber, free fromrepparttar 149703 rest ofrepparttar 149704 world, nothing hidden, not pretending to be a better or worse person but just pure human spirit.

Ice Climbing is not forrepparttar 149705 fait hearted, it takes practice and courage to climb this fragile substance. After all it is only water. If you fancy taking uprepparttar 149706 sport but do not know where to start then keep reading.

The best way to start ice climbing is to go out intorepparttar 149707 hills with an experienced climber or hill walker, and start walkingrepparttar 149708 hills in winter,repparttar 149709 whole process can be done in one season so I shall break it down into sections for you.

Buy your self a pair of crampons and a pair of ice axes; these can be bought at any good outdoor retailer. But before going out to buy just any old gear, remember that these arerepparttar 149710 tools ofrepparttar 149711 ice climber and they arerepparttar 149712 only items that will be holding you torepparttar 149713 ice so if you can not afford to buyrepparttar 149714 best then wait and save your money until you can, you will be great full of this later on.

Right let’s start:

Week 1-2: Walkrepparttar 149715 hills with your crampons and hard snow this will give you feel for them and how to walk with spikes on your feet. (Believe merepparttar 149716 first time you do this you do not want to be wearing an expansive pair of pants)

Choosing a Great Rifle Scope

Written by Keith Thompson

Findingrepparttar best rifle scope for yourself can be nearly as challenging as stalkingrepparttar 149666 prey itself. With so many choices and so many options, it's sometimes difficult to line up a target. This article will help first of all definerepparttar 149667 options and choices you have, and give you a plan for findingrepparttar 149668 best rifle scope to buy.

Ultimatelyrepparttar 149669 function of any scope is to help aim, give you an idea of distance torepparttar 149670 target, and make acquisition easier. The best rifle scopes are high-quality, precision instruments, very light, rugged and with outstanding optics. To do that there are several features a good rifle scope must possess. In no particular order, here they are. Not directly related torepparttar 149671 scope, but crucial nonetheless is your mount. If your scope isn't securely mounted, with no opportunity to move, then you're asking for problems. It's worth it to make sure you have a solid, superbly-aligned mount on which to place your great new scope.

Other factors to consider would berepparttar 149672 image and it's quality. There are several things to think about in this regard. It's just vital thatrepparttar 149673 optics deliver as much light as possible torepparttar 149674 eyepiece. The more light you have to work with,repparttar 149675 sharperrepparttar 149676 resolution and eventuallyrepparttar 149677 shot. This is one reason why larger objective lens scopes (50mm) have become more popular recently, asrepparttar 149678 largerrepparttar 149679 light gathering capability,repparttar 149680 more you have to work with. Lens quality is a huge issue, too, and can be detected by any distortion visible aroundrepparttar 149681 edges. Lens coatings are applied to quality optics to reduce reflection causing glare and help gather light for a crisper, brighter image. Don't buy a lens that's not at least multi-coated.

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