Clickbank Vendors: Two Simple Ways You Can Help Affiliates Protect Their Sales.

Written by John Hocking

1) How To Remove Your Affiliates Clickbank Id From The URL.

As a merchant, you can hiderepparttar clickbank affiliate id for your affiliates by creating a redirect page and pointing your default hoplink torepparttar 108391 redirect.

When some uses your hoplink,repparttar 108392 cookie will be set and they will land on your redirect page.

The redirect will send them to your domain without addingrepparttar 108393 ?hop= information. The cookie is already set and does not need to be shown.

This will help protect your affiliates commission and give your site a more professional appearance.

Inrepparttar 108394 code examples below, you will need to replace [ and ] with less then and greater then symbols.

Create a file called hoplink.php

Addrepparttar 108395 following code

[?php header("Location:"); exit; ?]

Upload hoplink.php torepparttar 108396 root of your domain.

Login into your clickbank account. Click to view or modify your account settings. Click to modify your account.

Under Business Info, changerepparttar 108397 url of your website to be

Click on save changes.

Now when a visitor clicks on a hoplink, it appears that they came directly to your site andrepparttar 108398 affiliate's id is no longer exposed. For this technique to be completely effective,repparttar 108399 affiliate needs to cloakrepparttar 108400 hoplink as well.

2) How to Cloak Your Clickbank Vendor Id Using PHP

Most clickbank affiliate theft is caused byrepparttar 108401 fact that is easy to rebuild a hoplink and get credit for your own purchase. All you really need to know isrepparttar 108402 vendor id.

Inventions, Patents and Profit

Written by Clyde Knight Jr

New Inventors

My name is Clyde Knight Jr founder of Knite Enterprises LLC. I have visited many newsletters and inventor resource websites where I found and read many interesting and informative articles. These web sites covered areas of inventing dealing with everything from creating and developing your ideas to selectingrepparttar right self-help resources.

There is a plethora of invention submission and promotion type corporations out there, as we have seen advertised on television and radio commercials. I have even experienced first hand how these company’s work. They advertise one thing, butrepparttar 108390 result is a twist in legal technicalities that most inventors under estimate. In short, these invention submission corporation’s presentrepparttar 108391 unwary, sometimes enthusiastic and often times legally naïve inventor with a professionally looking office, with personable representatives and artistically enhanced forms and documents all pleasing torepparttar 108392 eye and designed to persuaderepparttar 108393 inventor to sign away their legal rights.

Furthermore, self-help websites includingrepparttar 108394 USPTO website do offer free and inexpensive resources. These resources usually explain details ofrepparttar 108395 law that allows independent inventors to protect their own inventions by submitting their own ideas torepparttar 108396 USPTO or applying for a patent themselves. Other methods of self-protection offered on these websites include retaining a combination of inventing professional to help them to submit their own patent application with out having to pay an attorney’s high legal fees. Thus, saving them a costly expense.

In either ofrepparttar 108397 cases sighted above what usually happens inrepparttar 108398 end is thatrepparttar 108399 inventor is disillusioned, discouraged and frustrated. The inventor is discouraged byrepparttar 108400 bureaucratic red tape, precise and strictly adhered to submission protocols ofrepparttar 108401 USPTO with associated astronomical expense onrepparttar 108402 one hand or legally frustrated byrepparttar 108403 immoral but legal “bate and switch” tactic of an unscrupulous submission promotion company onrepparttar 108404 other.

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