Clickbank Merchants = Theft Victims

Written by Shawn Pringle

Software piracy accounted for over $24 BILLION dollars in lost revenue overrepparttar last two years*. Some of that was your money! Continue doing nothing and you'll lose more money this year. Why do Clickbank merchants put up with this? Their products are being stolen instead of bought. When Clickbank merchants sell their downloadable products, even when they use some download protection script ool,repparttar 108420 end product itself is being easily and freely distributed. This confirms that people wantrepparttar 108421 software, they just don't want to pay for it if they don't have to. 70% of them won't if they can get it for free*. Here'srepparttar 108422 scenario virtually all Clickbank merchants are in right now. The Clickbank system requires every merchant to upload their digital products (e-books or software) to their web server and create a download page, or "Thank-You" page in order to automaterepparttar 108423 entire order process. Merchants then set up a sales link to sell access to download their products. The customer places an order viarepparttar 108424 sales link then is sent through Clickbank torepparttar 108425 download page automatically. This download page hasrepparttar 108426 link to downloadrepparttar 108427 actual product. That's what's supposed to happen. But what is really happening? The uploaded product is easily downloaded for free by potential customers that have found a "back door". A "back door" either by locatingrepparttar 108428 download page without paying, or getting a copy ofrepparttar 108429 product from elsewhere via email, newsgroups, forums, eBay, whatever. For every ten e-books downloaded, 4 of those are stolen *. These are lost sales and income forgone. And merchants have no idea who is downloading their product, or what happens after it's downloaded. They lose total control of its distribution. Some thieves even go so far as to sell stolen software and e-books as their own for a greatly reduced price. Getting free software from Clickbank merchants is not very hard to do at all. All thieves have to do is find someone that has a copy ofrepparttar 108430 merchant's product and get them to providerepparttar 108431 download location. Or, simply get them to right-click, copy, and pasterepparttar 108432 file in an email. Bing bang boom - software piracy. Then that friend sends copies to his friends, who sends copies to his family, who share it with their friends...BIG PROBLEM. The more popularrepparttar 108433 productrepparttar 108434 more it is being stolen.

Proof Reading-The in "Audible" Art Form

Written by Brian Holte

If you are a writer of an ebook you definitely get others to proof-read your work, right? Is proof-reading one of those tasks that if you hadrepparttar option you would rather takerepparttar 108419 garbage out torepparttar 108420 bottom ofrepparttar 108421 driveway and toleraterepparttar 108422 stench then have to sit down for a session of proof reading (not unless it’s your passion of course)? Because ofrepparttar 108423 nature ofrepparttar 108424 business andrepparttar 108425 reading required to provide this service those that are proof-readers are normally in great demand. By hiring a proof-reader you haverepparttar 108426 advantage of having someone fromrepparttar 108427 “outside” looking over your work thereby increasingrepparttar 108428 chances of your work looking professional, well written and helping make it an even better read. Proof-readers are troopers, long nights, blurry eye’s, a temporarily forgotten spouse...just kidding. So mentally focused onrepparttar 108429 work at hand, seeking mis-spelled words like a heat seeking missle and placing exclamation marks where there should only be periods. Proof-readers are often sought for their services from virtually almost all industries, called on to create sales brochures or promotional pamphlets. Thanks torepparttar 108430 launch ofrepparttar 108431 internet they are more widely accessible. They are called upon from professionals from all walks of life, doctors, lawyers, accountants. If you think about it their like a literary first aid kit, they patch up your grammatical mistakes.

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