Clearing The Cobwebs

Written by Lonnie Amirault

"Clearing The Cobwebs"

Every once in a while there comes a time when you need to cross over that skip of a heart beat fine line.

How can I avoid all these business opportunity scams which sound so good but leave me feeling empty? Submitted by Michael Lahey June 8, 2003

Everyday there are individuals looking to strike it rich! An idea pops up and you wonder. Hmmmmmm... But then you tend to sit back and wonder - “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”

You sit there fiddling your thumbs; you’re humped over your computer with sweaty sticky palms having a staring match with your monitor. Your index finger is hovering overrepparttar enter key waiting for a signal from that brain of yours to tell it to Pounce all over that submit button!

With your mouth still half open, that message doesn’t get broadcast to your finger, you decide to get out of your chair, walk about and think it over.

You start banging your head against a wall, “come on dumb ass, and tell me what to do!” You quietly postpone untilrepparttar 116972 next time. Andrepparttar 116973 rerun begins.

*** Reverse, Not Rehearse Your Failures ***

You don’t want to be labeled asrepparttar 116974 Newest Sucker in town. It’s true! Most people are afraid to take a risk in anything that has to do with their money. Nobody can force anything unto you if you don’t believe thatrepparttar 116975 benefits are there. You don’t want to be sold, however everyone loves to buy.

I’m sure everyone has heard this before, “Nothing pursued, Nothing Gained.” In fact, you want to be somebody instead of nobody; you want to be important; you want champagne instead of beer; you want a home instead of a house. And you can only have all these things if you relinquish fear.

Associate yourself with people who are successful, people who have been onrepparttar 116976 net for a while and have proof inrepparttar 116977 pudding. Ask their advice about a product,repparttar 116978 honest to goodness money making pros will answer and share their opinions. Don’t be afraid to ask them.

*** Respond To Life With Action ***

You don’t want to miss that golden opportunity to “Strike it Rich” - that - “Pot of Gold” lifetime chance. A weak indecisive approach to life breathes inertia, failure and disappointment. Many people fail to act because they are afraid to make a mistake or think that what they conceive can never become reality.

Thomas Edison was once asked how many times it took him to finally getrepparttar 116979 incandescent light bulb to work. He replied “1001 times!” The reporter then asked, “Why would you continue, most people would stop afterrepparttar 116980 second try?” Yes, Edison said, but I learnt 1000 ways a light bulb doesn’t work.”

Back in 1880, a man employed byrepparttar 116981 US Patent Office handed in a letter of resignation. “Everything has been invented that could possibly be conceived of by man,” he wrote, “and I see no future in my job.” Don’t be like this man! The future is full of unlimited opportunities for those who take action and turn their thoughts into realities.

*** Opportunity Knocks at Your Door ***

You don’t want to try it because you were spammed. Not all golden opportunities come from people you know. Sometimes a complete stranger will announce something really intriguing.

Picture this, you are inrepparttar 116982 1600th century, you’re onrepparttar 116983 front line behind six bails of hay and you’re about to be crushed by 500 enemy savages with axes and swords raging toward you. A man hurries behind you and taps you on your shoulders.

He’s a salesman, you tell him, “Can’t you see I’m busy here!?” Angrily ,“ GO AWAY WITH YOU!”, “pesky salesmen,” But... you see,repparttar 116984 salesman has a 21st Century High Power Machine Gun loaded and ready to go!

Opportunity knocks allrepparttar 116985 time, here’s how to check them out if you are curious.

There is one other thing you don’t want to overlook and that’s what if it’s really a scam? What do I look for, how do I investigate it further and quickly?

The first thing you do if it sounds to good to be true, is to check when his domain was created by going to . Just type inrepparttar 116986 domain name and it will displayrepparttar 116987 owners name, where his address is andrepparttar 116988 date it was created.

This way you can find out exactly how long they have been in business. Ifrepparttar 116989 ad says that he’s been making $10,000 a week since 1998 and his domain name was created in 2003! Close that window and move on!

Another thing you can do is find his contact page and email his address for more info.

Dislocating the Distractions

Written by Brian Roe

One ofrepparttar major issues with having your own home-based business is distractions. It's easy to abandon work whenrepparttar 116971 television is just downrepparttar 116972 hall (or inrepparttar 116973 same room), orrepparttar 116974 laundry is calling your name.

Ultimately YOU are responsible for your success or failure, andrepparttar 116975 household duties andrepparttar 116976 freedom to postpone work can sometimes be too enticing to pass up. To have a successful business, one must exert control. Control over surroundings. Control over time. It is important to stay focused on your business and not what's onrepparttar 116977 TV. Here are a few ways to help minimizerepparttar 116978 distractions.

"Location, Location, Location. Set up your office area as far away from high-traffic areas as you can. Avoid kitchens, living rooms, nearrepparttar 116979 front door, etc. The best solution is to have a room solely for your office. However, that's not always feasible.

oWhen space is an issue, set up your area in a corner of a room, and keep potential distractions out of view, or you will soon be focusing on them instead. Try to create a barrier fromrepparttar 116980 rest ofrepparttar 116981 room, which produces visual and psychological separation.

"Organization, Organization, Organization. This will really make or break some people. For starters, only keep things inrepparttar 116982 area that are of use for your business. Sparse decorations are okay, but keeprepparttar 116983 guitar out. Second, keeping supplies organized and well-placed eliminates many future headaches.

oFor those with stacks of papers floating around, filing cabinets and trash cans do wonders for eradicating messes. Also, keep often-used supplies close at hand, whereas rarely touched items need to be put out ofrepparttar 116984 way. To save space, consider placingrepparttar 116985 phone onrepparttar 116986 wall.

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