Cleansing & Balancing the Charkas

Written by Christin Snyder

Cleansing & Balancingrepparttar Charkas & Energy Field

By Christin Snyder

Cleansing and balancingrepparttar 122312 chakra system is important torepparttar 122313 overall health ofrepparttar 122314 individual. There are several different techniques that can be used to cleanse and balance each ofrepparttar 122315 charkas. The important thing is findingrepparttar 122316 one that is most comfortable. The exercise below is simple. It can be done in a few minutes. Practiced each day, it will leaverepparttar 122317 individual feeling more energetic and focused.

The technique that follows can be modified byrepparttar 122318 individual to suit his/her own needs. Start off by sitting in a chair or standing somewhere comfortable with your feet flat onrepparttar 122319 ground/floor. It is particularly important to sit or stand if you are new to meditation practices. Laying down cuesrepparttar 122320 body that it is time for sleep.

Once you are positioned, take a few deep but slow cleansing breaths. The idea isn't to gasp for air, nor is it to breathe unnaturally, but to getrepparttar 122321 blood deeply oxygenated. Breath is a natural healing mechanism, and many of us inrepparttar 122322 west will find that we breathe in a very shallow manner which starves our bodies and brain of oxygen. Breathe in at a slow steady pace and feelrepparttar 122323 oxygen enter your body, continuerepparttar 122324 slow steady inhale untilrepparttar 122325 breath has expandedrepparttar 122326 chest and abdomen just as a balloon fills with air.

Holdrepparttar 122327 breath for as long as it is comfortable, and then release and dorepparttar 122328 exhale atrepparttar 122329 same slow relaxed pace, blowing throughrepparttar 122330 lips as though you were blowing out a candle. Be sure to fully emptyrepparttar 122331 lungs before beginningrepparttar 122332 next inhalation.

After three of these breaths release tension and relax more deeply. Take a few comfortable normal paced breaths as you do this. Once you are comfortable and ready to continue, closerepparttar 122333 eyes and envision a golden white ball of light aboverepparttar 122334 head. This isrepparttar 122335 holy light, representingrepparttar 122336 connection between yourself andrepparttar 122337 Divine.

This ball of light sits a few feet aboverepparttar 122338 top ofrepparttar 122339 head and begins to expand and stream down. As you allowrepparttar 122340 light to flow (don't force or pull it etc) relax even deeper knowing you are safe and at peace. Be fully present with this light, and asrepparttar 122341 light descends down uponrepparttar 122342 crown of your head take another deep breath as we did earlier.

Two Types of Spirituality ... Faith and Knowledge

Written by Edward B. Toupin

The term "spirituality" is a confusing term. Usually, when one mentions "spirituality",repparttar first thought in many people's minds is that of "religion". While religion is an aspect of spirituality, spirituality is not an aspect of religion. Spirituality covers other areas of belief as well. Put simply, spirituality isrepparttar 122311 all-encompassing arena of "belief in something greater." This can be a god, oneself asrepparttar 122312 greater being, or simply,repparttar 122313 life-force or essence that surrounds us all. But, society and religion lead their followers in many different directions replacingrepparttar 122314 core meanings with moralistic and idealistic terms in hopes of garnering attention by answering those "big questions" pertaining to life, death,repparttar 122315 after-life, and a god.

--- Faith vs. Knowledge ---

While many religious zealots viewrepparttar 122316 idea of knowledge-based spirituality as "agnostic", indeed, it is not. As a matter of fact, even agnosts believe in something, which provides them an alternative stance to organized religion and gods. You have to believe in something to take a stance!

Faith-based spirituality isrepparttar 122317 belief and trust that things will be as they will be inrepparttar 122318 future. It isrepparttar 122319 acceptance ofrepparttar 122320 "great mysteries" of life and death for which religion and society teaches that there are no "definitive answers." Such an approach to spirituality creates a fear-based environment based on gods who are vindictive and uncaring. Believers place their lives intorepparttar 122321 hands of an unseen being inrepparttar 122322 hope that all will "work out forrepparttar 122323 best."

Knowledge-based spirituality isrepparttar 122324 understanding and kinship of all andrepparttar 122325 desire to achieve and progress through life toward one's own Vision and goals. The "great mysteries" become topics of personal research and, with an open mind, answers can be acquired fromrepparttar 122326 environment andrepparttar 122327 Universe. This type of spirituality invites one to set aside fears and examinerepparttar 122328 information and entities ofrepparttar 122329 surrounding environment. One hasrepparttar 122330 chance to take life into one's own hands and guide it along a path to one's own desires.

--- Hatred and Faith ---

One ofrepparttar 122331 problems of today is that, in our world, wars, hatred, and bias begin inrepparttar 122332 moral grounds established by religion and society. Religion creates a solid separation between different factions of humanity. These factions takerepparttar 122333 core ideals of society and mutate them to suitrepparttar 122334 needs of their particular beliefs. Inrepparttar 122335 end, when societal boundaries are breached, and control languishes overrepparttar 122336 ranks, uprisings and bitter conflicts begin to restore order. The stronger ofrepparttar 122337 factions wins and forces their beliefs onrepparttar 122338 weaker.

In faith-based factions, fear is instilled and faith that a great hereafter exists. People fight to maintain their beliefs because they've finally "forced" their conscious minds to acceptrepparttar 122339 unanswered questions based on invisible and unfounded guesses by their "noblemen". The battles are fought to ensure that their foundations and comfort zones are not affected byrepparttar 122340 infidels ofrepparttar 122341 intruding factions.

However, with knowledge-based factions, fear is minimized andrepparttar 122342 great hereafter is right here and now and continues on forever. Knowledge providesrepparttar 122343 mind with a greater degree of processing information arriving at our many senses in many contexts. It allows us to look beyondrepparttar 122344 basics and outside ofrepparttar 122345 accepted "comfort zones" to comprehendrepparttar 122346 ideas and ideals of other entities, both physical and spiritual.

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