Cleaning Out The Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Written by Stephanie Davies

Cleaning out and finding space in your kitchen cabinets can be a hard, trying experience. There seems to be so many items, and just no where left to put them!

There are several methods you can incorporate into your kitchen to save shelf space, store items easier, and save time searching forrepparttar right thing. And there are also a few basic pointers I will give you alongrepparttar 100177 way.

The first thing is to group like mined items together. Be sure all your spices and herbs are inrepparttar 100178 same location, and also that your pans are together, ect. Unfortunately,repparttar 100179 kitchen isrepparttar 100180 one area ofrepparttar 100181 household whererepparttar 100182 use it or lose it rule doesn't always apply. Meaning, in most other areas ofrepparttar 100183 house, if you don't use something frequently, or have a purpose for it even if that purpose is aesthetic, you need to throw it away or donate it. However, inrepparttar 100184 kitchen there are a whole lot of things you may not use frequently but will need to save, such as herbs, spices, specialty pans, canned items, and more.

So now that you have clustered items together, now what? Well, you figure out which "groups" will needrepparttar 100185 most space. Start by placingrepparttar 100186 largest groups inrepparttar 100187 largest available spaces, and working your way down. At this time you may need to incorporate several space saving techniques.

The first technique is what I callrepparttar 100188 Martha Stewart technique. This is where if you haverepparttar 100189 money and resources, you go out at this time and buy all those specialty gadgets for saving space, such as lazy suzans, expandable drawer inserts and shelf racks, wall hooks, and such. This can be a very attractive and simple way to achieve organization...but I am assuming you are reading this because you know how to buy space, you just don't know how to do it with what you have, right?

Sorepparttar 100190 next technique is what I callrepparttar 100191 easy-find box method. This method works particularly well with spices, herbs, flavorings, and small jars. Find a box that will holdrepparttar 100192 group of items you need to store. Shoeboxes and gift boxes work well for this purpose. Take allrepparttar 100193 items in a group, and label each one onrepparttar 100194 lid using small yard sale type sticker labels stating what they are. Place allrepparttar 100195 items inrepparttar 100196 group inrepparttar 100197 box selected in alphabetical order. Then storerepparttar 100198 box, andrepparttar 100199 next time you need to get something from it you will be able to just takerepparttar 100200 lid off and quickly locate an item. If you have more than a few of these boxes, I recommend labeling them with magic marker onrepparttar 100201 side or top to be able to locate certain groups quickly. You can expand upon this idea by decoratingrepparttar 100202 boxes by gluing fabric to them, wrapping them in countertop sticky paper, or whatever else suits your fancy. This method works well for storing any number of things including canned goods and pastas.

Tearing Down the House

Written by David Leonhardt

Last year, we bought this big ol' 1887 house. We are just now coming to grips withrepparttar magnitude ofrepparttar 100176 "upgrades" planned.

With a baby onrepparttar 100177 way and Little Lady all of two years old burning calories faster than pillagers burnrepparttar 100178 Amazon rainforest, how tough can "upgrades" really be?

Ever since we boughtrepparttar 100179 house, my wife has been urging me to tear "that thing" down.

"That thing", atrepparttar 100180 foot of our lane, had been a shelter to keep kids dry while waiting forrepparttar 100181 school bus. It had seen better days. Like when paint could still be seen onrepparttar 100182 wood. Like when it stood upright taller even thanrepparttar 100183 weeds! before gravity wonrepparttar 100184 battle.

"That thing" was our very own Roman ruins ... minusrepparttar 100185 Roman part, of course. So I finally tore it down.

"What?" my wife asked. "You tore it down?"


"But how will people find us, now?"

We had used "that thing" as a marker, even a beacon. "Turn right on County Road 7, and just keep going until you seerepparttar 100186 eyesore. You can't miss it. That's us."

Houses grow and age just like people. Sometimesrepparttar 100187 old gets inrepparttar 100188 way ofrepparttar 100189 new. Sometimes you have to rip things apart to build them up.

Recently, I was ripping apart a couple walls ofrepparttar 100190 soon-to-be nursery. I assured my wife it would be a two- to four-hour job. To avoid inhaling an overdose of plaster dust, she and Little Lady escaped to exile at Grandma's forrepparttar 100191 afternoon.

Twelve hours later ...

The clock ticked past midnight before those two to four hours showed me mercy. Little Lady and her pregnant mom wisely chose to remain in exile overnight. Instead of resting my weary muscles, I had a jungle of hack, hack - plaster dust nearly a foot deep to dispose of. Beach party, anyone?

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