Classic Fragfest: Quake III Arena

Written by Austin Culley

As graphics technology improves in leaps and bounds forrepparttar next pc generation, more and more gamers expect, and more or less demand, new and innovating concepts to blow their minds. However, there are some games out there that simply standrepparttar 150556 test of time for pure entertainment.

One of these games is Quake III Arena from ID Software.

This game still remains, after half a decade, as one of those games that never seems to fade in appeal when it comes to going one-on-one against a fellow gamer overrepparttar 150557 age of fourteen. (The graphic nature ofrepparttar 150558 game is not suitable for children.)

Whereas there isrepparttar 150559 impending release of Quake 4, which will go more towards a storyline, Quake III Arena remains simple: Deathmatch - Hunt down and kill your opponent. This is your only task.

The game is a First-Person Shooter that takes place in a futuristic world, with gameplay featured on a couple dozen core maps. Your weapons, ranging from real to fantasy, deal out devastating damage. Powerups throughout these maps give you more speed, damage, etc; and each map is usually multi-levelled and reachable by various bounce pads, stairs, and elevators. You just have to watch aroundrepparttar 150560 corners, as you never know who's going to be camping there waiting to blow you away.

Now, whether your opponent be your best friend, your neighbor, your teenage kid, or your wife;repparttar 150561 joy of chasing them down and eliminating their ability to exist as a whole entity will continue to bring a smile to your face over and over again; and if no-one wants to play against you anymore because you're too much of a savage, you can always play against bots.

Reel Thrilling - Play Slots Smart for Maximum Fun

Written by Michal Sram

Whether you're a slots newbie or just need an update, we show you how to play smart for your maximum fun.


With superb graphics, sound effects and spinning reels, three-reel slots games like Fantastic Seven or Double Magic allow you to experince allrepparttar excitement of a real casino.

One payline: When playing a slots game like Major Millions, bear in mindrepparttar 150501 paytable changes according torepparttar 150502 number of coins bet. To get a good money, betrepparttar 150503 highest number of coins. Most games offer a premium payout on jackpots when betting max coins.

Three paylines: For slots games that offer three paylins, you chooserepparttar 150504 number of paylines you play depending onrepparttar 150505 number of coins you bet. The best way to changerepparttar 150506 size of your bet is to changerepparttar 150507 size ofrepparttar 150508 coins. Just click onrepparttar 150509 + or - symbols that apper underrepparttar 150510 coin on your screen.

Five paylines: These games work just like three-payline games,except that five-payline slots have run diagonally acrossrepparttar 150511 reels. That's two more chances for you to win each time you spin.

Most importantly, what's your payout?

Lookrepparttar 150512 right of your screen and you will seerepparttar 150513 paytable. The payout is allways shown in coins, so to work out your win multiplyrepparttar 150514 win shown byrepparttar 150515 size of coins that you are using. Say you are olaying with 25-cent coins and you win 10 coins; that means you win $2.50 because 10 x 25 cents = $2.50.


Video slots offer fantastic bonus featurs, plus they have anything from nine to 25 paylines. With so many chances for winning, paylines can become quite complex. Just remember that if you bet one line you will be betting on line 1, if you select five lines you will always be betting on lines 1 through 5.

What you see is what you get: To see how much it's possible to win, click onrepparttar 150516 "view payout" button on your screen, which lists allrepparttar 150517 available winnig combinations as well asrepparttar 150518 special features of that particular game.

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