Civil War

Written by Paula and Coach McCoach

5 Tips on Cleaning Your Civil War Uniform by Paula and Coach McCoach

How necessary is cleaning your Civil War Uniform?

The every day Confederate or Union soldier’s uniform was actually never made to be washed. They wore out so fast that many of them were never cleaned - ever.

This leaves us withrepparttar question –

Do you really need to wash or dry clean your Civil War uniform?

Some reasons for cleaning a uniform may be

1. To prevent it from smelling really bad.

(Some hardcore reenactors feel that smelling really bad is part ofrepparttar 116143 mystique? What do you think about having an “authentic smell?)

2. To preventrepparttar 116144 various body chemicals thatrepparttar 116145 uniform can absorb or acquire like sweat, body oils, from destroyingrepparttar 116146 integrity ofrepparttar 116147 fabric.

3. To have your uniform look good.

4. To do some type of seasonal, yearly, monthly maintenance to preserve your uniform.

So, considering all of these things, if you still want to clean your uniform, here are my suggestions. 1. Do as little as possible. Less is better.

2. Jackets, pants, and vests (wool/jean cloth) - None of mine have ever been laundered.

The Artist Inside All Of Us

Written by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "An Artist's Dream"

I firmly believe that all people are born artists. Everyone can remember how, as children, we all loved drawing, finger-painting, etc. The wonderful thing was, we didn't care what others thought of our efforts, we were just having fun!

Somehow, as we age, we often lose that creative innocence and exuberance, and inrepparttar process, lose a very gratifying part of our lives. I see people every day that are unhappy and don't know why. I believe that if they could "rediscover" a creative outlet of some form, it would so enrich their lives that they would return to it again and again. Often I hear adults say, "I can't do that! I can't even draw a straight line!". Well,repparttar 116142 straight lines don't matter; it'srepparttar 116143 curved and crooked ones that are more interesting!

I personally have never had any formal art training. Neither has my husband, Kris, or our daughter-in-law, April. We all three just need a creative outlet to help us stay sane, and now here we are! When you browse throughrepparttar 116144 Artisan Shops on Ruby Lane, you will see many very talented Artisans with different forms of artistic _expression. Each and every one of them is exquisitely beautiful in their own way, and all are uniquely different. That isrepparttar 116145 wonderful thing about art. What you create is a very personal part of you, and that carries over to your work. There are three of us that contribute to our shop.

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