Citrine is November's Birthstone

Written by Sam Serio

If you're still young enough to remember your birthday, you probably also rememberrepparttar special birthstone assigned to it. But at your age, we bet you don't really knowrepparttar 147912 SIGNIFICANCE of your birthstone and what powerrepparttar 147913 ancients felt would be bestowed about you by wearing it. November Birtthstone: Citrine Birthstone Properties: Increases creativity and feelings of joy Alternative Birthstone: Yellow Topaz Citrine isrepparttar 147914 birthstone for November andrepparttar 147915 traditional anniversary gemstone forrepparttar 147916 13th year of marriage. Its name comes from an old French word for lemon -- "citrin". A variety of quartz andrepparttar 147917 "sister stone" torepparttar 147918 purple variety known as Amethyst, citrine comes in a wide range of colors. Some believe that some citrine may have actually begun as amethyst, but that nearby molten rock changed it torepparttar 147919 yellow form of quartz. Mined mainly in Brazil, but also found in Bolivia, citrines come in vivid yellows and oranges, and alsorepparttar 147920 unusual and extremely popular "madeira red." (Citrines that are pale yellow or yellowish-brown are often mistaken for yellow or golden topaz.) Natural citrine can also be found inrepparttar 147921 Ural Mountains of Russia, in Dauphine, France, and in Madagascar Cure-All Citrine, like all forms of quartz, was believed to have magical powers. People carried citrine as a protective talisman againstrepparttar 147922 plague, bad skin and evil thoughts. It was also used as a charm againstrepparttar 147923 bites of snakes and other venomous reptiles. Yellow and orange colors ofrepparttar 147924 citrine gemstone were said to offer protection from dangers when traveling, to ward off evil, and to keep sickness away on land or on sea.

Precious Stones – The Big Five Part 3 The Sapphire

Written by Sam Serio

The sapphire, protector ofrepparttar innocent, celestial guardian of truth, bringer of health and youth, symbol ofrepparttar 147911 heavens and birthstone forrepparttar 147912 month of September, is in factrepparttar 147913 same stone asrepparttar 147914 ruby,repparttar 147915 mineral corundum.

The blue corundum, ranging in color fromrepparttar 147916 lightest blue to deep blue and black, isrepparttar 147917 same stone asrepparttar 147918 ruby,repparttar 147919 only difference being inrepparttar 147920 color. The choicest color isrepparttar 147921 soft velvety blue, approachingrepparttar 147922 cornflower in shade and exhibiting that color vividly by artificial as well as by natural light. The deeper-colored stones are known as male, andrepparttar 147923 light-colored ones as female sapphires. Although choice sapphires are rare, a much greater quantity of good and large stones are to be had than of rubies, and thereforerepparttar 147924 price of a large sapphire does not advance inrepparttar 147925 same proportion asrepparttar 147926 price of a large ruby.

The word “sapphire” which means blue is ofrepparttar 147927 same form in nearly allrepparttar 147928 early tongues, thus showing that they were in use byrepparttar 147929 ancients. Sapphires are found in many parts ofrepparttar 147930 world and are usually found inrepparttar 147931 same locality asrepparttar 147932 ruby. The largest number and finest quality of these stones come from Thailand and India, and are found and recovered in muchrepparttar 147933 same way asrepparttar 147934 ruby.

The sapphire is next torepparttar 147935 diamond in hardness and it is this quality that makes it impervious to wear and insures its sharp edges and corners against years of use. Likerepparttar 147936 rubyrepparttar 147937 value ofrepparttar 147938 sapphire is determined by its color. The finest stones are a deep blue andrepparttar 147939 deeperrepparttar 147940 colorrepparttar 147941 more highly it is prized if its translucency is not impaired. Althoughrepparttar 147942 sapphire with its many shades of blue is consideredrepparttar 147943 most desirable stone, it is also found in other colors such as red, green, yellow and pink.

The Oriental emerald or green sapphire does not approachrepparttar 147944 beryl or true emerald in depth of color, but because of its superior hardness and brilliancy, added to its extreme rarity, it isrepparttar 147945 most valuable of green gems. The Oriental amethyst or purple sapphire sometimes reflects a red color by artificial light, and is valued highly as a gem stone;repparttar 147946 common amethyst is softer, less brilliant, and loses by artificial light. The various other colored sapphires, such as yellow or Oriental topaz, light green or Oriental aquamarine, greenish-yellow or Oriental chrysolite, and aurora red or Oriental hyacinth, are all valuable as gem stones when they are pure, well cut, and have pronounced colors—in fact,repparttar 147947 name Oriental is given to distinguishrepparttar 147948 corundums fromrepparttar 147949 less valuable minerals ofrepparttar 147950 same colors which they resemble, but which they greatly surpass in beauty and value because of their brilliancy and superior hardness.

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