Circuit training

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If you don't have enough time to workout circuit training can berepparttar right routine for you.

Example One

The following circuit training routine should be performed by trainingrepparttar 142519 upper body on Monday and Friday and then trainingrepparttar 142520 lower body on Tuesday and Thursday. Which includes using various machines at your local gym while training for less than 20 minutes.

Fun Fitness Tips!

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"Fun Fitness Tips!"

Getting and staying in shape doesn't have to be dull and boring! Try some of these fun fitness activities to make your workout time more enjoyable.

MUSICAL EXERCISE - Put on your favorite music and do some yoga! No need for slow, elevator music. Move to your favorite beat. Or pop onrepparttar headphones or earphones and grab your MP3 or cassette player or handheld PC and bike to a nearby park. Too cold or rainy? Then head to a mall or other enclosed area where you can walk. Caution: make sure you are alert while listening to music with headphones or earphones.

FUN IN THE SUN - Check outrepparttar 142456 latest tanning solutions and try fun, scented versions with funky, multi-colored sunglasses. Grab your cassette player or MP3 player and favorite tunes. And pack some flavored water, new flavored health bar that you've been dying to try and some frozen berries in your carryall for breaks and have a "sense"-ational time.

FITNESS CLASSES - Try out a new fitness class for fun. Enjoy a full water aerobics workout with less stress on your joints. Grab some colorful water gear and swim torepparttar 142457 beat. Or try a dance or Jazzercise routine. No need to commit long-term, just ask about popping in for a class or two to check it out and enjoy. Meet new friends and get fit all at once.

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