Circle of Traffic

Written by Brent Niland

Your company is onrepparttar web, your site is receiving few hits, but you know thatrepparttar 125252 number of Internet users is growing by leaps and bounds (285 million users worldwide, to be exact). So it is only a matter of time untilrepparttar 125253 number of Internet users reaches "critical mass" andrepparttar 125254 multitudes will come streaming to your site, right? Wrong.

Atrepparttar 125255 same time thatrepparttar 125256 number of Internet users is growing,repparttar 125257 number of Internet pages top 1 billion andrepparttar 125258 list is growing rapidly every day. Sorepparttar 125259 chances of your site being found is like finding a needle in a very big virtual haystack, unless you actively market your site via Internet and traditional avenues.

In this column, we will addressrepparttar 125260 following question: "How do I drive traffic to my site? We will also take this question to its logical conclusion by answeringrepparttar 125261 following question: "Once I have traffic flowing to my site, how do I get them to return?"

Keep in mind that these questions are better asked prior torepparttar 125262 development of your site than after it is finished. It is far less painful to incorporate these features during development, than afterrepparttar 125263 site is completed. Doing this will save a lot of site redesign, not to mention ulcers.

When addressingrepparttar 125264 question of driving traffic to your site it is important to look at who your target market is and identifyrepparttar 125265 top avenues for driving those individuals to your site.

The first step in this process is identifyingrepparttar 125266 different Internet channels available for driving traffic to your site. Some possible mediums are:

·Links with other related sites ·Web rings ·Affiliate programs ·Search engine optimization ·Internet Press Releases ·Listserves ·Newsgroups ·Opt-in e-mail lists ·Banner ads & site sponsorships ·Viral marketing (e.g. e-mail to a friend)

It will be important to research these channels in order to findrepparttar 125267 right mix for reachingrepparttar 125268 individuals you want to target.

Now that you have opened your virtual door torepparttar 125269 world, how do you get site visitors to return? To a large degree, this depends onrepparttar 125270 type of product or service you are offering. But regardless ofrepparttar 125271 line of business you are in, there are very definitely ways that you can reinforce reasons for visitors to return to your site.

PROVEN ways to get Traffic to YOUR Site

Written by Branko Rakic

What ever you do onrepparttar internet, you must bring traffic to your site. There are many reports, courses and ebooks written about internet marketing. Many of them are offering a magic or secret formula for quick and permanent traffic flow to you site.

Butrepparttar 125251 truth is a little different. As you knowrepparttar 125252 internet changes every day and sorepparttar 125253 promotional methods and tactics as well. The promotional techniques that worked a few years ago are more or less useless today.

For example let us see a FFA pages. Submitting to FFA pages was something you had to do to promote your site. Today, submitting to FFA pages is waste of time. The Big guys know that and use them in other purpose. They don't submit their ads to FFA pages and classified ad sites, but they own those sites. They use a simple and very effective technique.

Every time when someone submit an ad to that sites, they send him/her a conformation with their promotional message included. Atrepparttar 125254 same time they get their links onrepparttar 125255 thousands of other pages which brings them a better link popularity with search engines.

Submitting to search engines and directories is something you must do to promote your site. It's very hard to reach ranking inrepparttar 125256 top 20 listings on search engine or directory because they change their programs for indexing pages very often. So you must learn a lot about meta tags and their optimizing for better ranking onrepparttar 125257 search engines.

Onrepparttar 125258 other hand some search engines more then meta tags prefer a link popularity of your site - how many other sites have link to your site. My advice to you:

- provide a good content site and - do you meta tags properly.

Don't spend too much of your time in optimizing pages for search engines because there are still so many other ways to bring traffic to your site. But if you really want a high ranking though, you will need some work to do and some money to invest in a program that will help you to getrepparttar 125259 top rating.

Visit this .

Before continue, let us say a few words about domain names. Why you need your own domain name when you can get so many free pages as you want? Free pages are good for a personal or home page, but for building business onrepparttar 125260 web you need domain. Not having a domain isrepparttar 125261 biggest mistake you can make in creating business related web site. Domain is not just a name, it's much more: - it'srepparttar 125262 cheapest way to start your own business, - business people take you more serious - you are recognized onrepparttar 125263 web - you avoid disturbing banners from free web hosting companies. For $35 or less per year isrepparttar 125264 most effective way to become your own boss. If you want to run successful online business, buying a domain is your first and most important investment.

Starting your own ezine isrepparttar 125265 most important part in your internet marketing business. A Free ezine will generate instant traffic to your site. Submitting your site to search engines and classified ad sites is not enough to make dissent profit. There are not many sites where prospects make a purchase on their first visit.

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