Christmas gifts for men - Give him the "WOW!" gift.

Written by Faiz "Sonny" Adnan

Buying Christmas gifts for men can be easy and fun if you know what he wants this holiday season. But what if you donít know or worse if you donít have a clue?

Sure you can browse online and search for that perfect gift for him. But with thousands of website offering everything underrepparttar sun with discounts to boot, you can be easily distracted and confused. Inrepparttar 146463 end you'll end up buying something that he does not even like.

How would you like him to react when he receives your Christmas gift? ē "Thanks forrepparttar 146464 tie honey, it's nice." ē "Wow! This is great! Where did you find this? You'rerepparttar 146465 best!" The second one sounds much better donít you think? :)

Four Problems And Solutions On Feeding Your Newborn

Written by Amy Fadden

Parents always want to give their babiesrepparttar very best. When it comes to nutrition, there is nothing like breast milk. Although itís sound so easy to give breast milk to baby, for some women, there are always problems. Here are some problems that might happen andrepparttar 146407 best solutions you might want to try if you face such problems below:

1. Problem: A common problem that majority ofrepparttar 146408 moms comes across while breastfeeding is difficulty in positioningrepparttar 146409 baby and gettingrepparttar 146410 baby to "latch on" torepparttar 146411 breast correctly.

Solution: This problem generally arises when motherís breasts are fully engorged with milk. Engorgement makesrepparttar 146412 breast hard and flattensrepparttar 146413 nipples sorepparttar 146414 baby has nothing to latch on. The methods that help reduce engorgement will softenrepparttar 146415 breast allowingrepparttar 146416 nipple to protrude. An easy way to solve to reduce engorgement is to nurserepparttar 146417 baby as frequently as possible. You may also consider expressingrepparttar 146418 milk using electric or hand pumps. The expressed milk can be refrigerated and fed torepparttar 146419 baby later on. Wearing nipple shields half an hour before feedingrepparttar 146420 baby may also makerepparttar 146421 nipples protrude. If this problem still persists, you may squeezerepparttar 146422 end of breast lightly and offerrepparttar 146423 nipple to baby.

2. Problem: Another common problem is insufficient milk production by moms.

Solution: To increase milk production, you can apply a warm compress to your breasts before feedings. Doing so will makerepparttar 146424 let down reflex better. You may also massage your breasts during feedings. Another way to increase milk production is by feeding your baby frequently, at least every 2-3 hours. Doing so would stimulate more milk production. You may also consider pumping your breasts for five minutes when you are not feeding your baby to stimulate milk production. Furthermore, drink plenty of fluids, eat a well-balanced diet, and take time to relax throughoutrepparttar 146425 day and night. Lastly, avoid smoking as nicotine also decreasesrepparttar 146426 milk supply.

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