Christians and the Movies

Written by Hoyt W. Allen, Jr.

I am confident that most Christians want to do right and not go beyond God's boundaries. However, from time to time, they find themselves in situations not knowing what to do.

Which movies meet with God's approval is a problem for many church-goers. No one probably would object to movies such as; "Little House On The Prairie," "The Waltons," "Father Knows Best," "Andy Griffith Show," or "The Bill Cosby Show." However, movies with ratings of "PG", "R" and "X", should be considered as dangerous to one's spiritual health.

Satan has always been a "Master" at getting people to follow him. Se Genesis 3:1-24 forrepparttar first deception he planted inrepparttar 141339 minds of Adam and Eve. Also, noterepparttar 141340 penalty which they suffered due to their falling prey to Satan's temptation. Satan is so very "slick." He sneaks up on one slowly and before a person realizes it, he has fallen into his traps.

The traps, which Satan sets for mankind are varied, but we will just look at -repparttar 141341 "questionable" movies. When movies first became known to man, they were wholesome and very helpful. Due to censorship, curse words, obscenities, profanities, vulgarities and "off color" jokes and comments were unheard of. But slowly,repparttar 141342 censoring process has "lowered" its standards. Satan always works like this, very slowly.

Today most conservative church-goers will noterepparttar 141343 rating a movie has (theater, TV or VCR rental), prior to viewing it themselves or permitting their children to view it. The ratings are:

"G" - General Audience (Nothing questionable)

"PG" - Parental Guidance Suggested (Obscene language, suggestive scenes, etc.)

"R" - Restricted (One must be 18 years of age, or accompanied by an adult; obscenities, nudity, sexual scenes, etc.)

"X" - This is pornography in various forms (Scenes of graphically depicting sexual encounters; man/woman, boy/girl, group sex, homosexuals, anal, oral, "Sadomasochism" - which is men beating on women with rubber hoses or whips for sexual kicks, lesbians, etc.)

Now some folks may say, "We are living inrepparttar 141344 'UP AGE' and need to come out ofrepparttar 141345 Puritan Days." That sounds good, however, God's Word is still God's Word, and it still says, "Avoid every kind of evil" (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

If a person cannot watch a movie when fellow Christians are present due to its low moral standards, it should be avoided. Well, that isrepparttar 141346 conclusion one would have to draw, if he is going to allow God's Word to guide him (see 1 Peter 2:11). Is this not right?

A few years ago, many Christians were willing to picket theaters which scheduled movies, other than wholesome one, such as what we today call "G" rated movies. Today many of those same church members attempt to justify watching movies with ratings other than "G." Most well meaning church members do not realize that movies that teach and show filth can become addictive. If you do not believe me concerning this, just noticerepparttar 141347 enormous number of your acquaintances who are hooked onrepparttar 141348 TV soaps.

Where Are The Christians?

Written by Stephen Kingery

This article was written in 1993.

At my home congregation, we recently viewedrepparttar video series called "Children At Risk" by Dr. James Dobson and Gary L. Bauer. There is a companion book byrepparttar 141338 same title which is available at local Christian book stores. The subtitle is "The Battle forrepparttar 141339 Hearts and Minds of Our Kids." I highly recommend this book and video series to anyone who hasrepparttar 141340 same concerns for our nation as I do. As I set there and listened to Dr. Dobson and Mr. Bauer talk aboutrepparttar 141341 excesses which are so prevalent in our nation today, I kept asking myself, "Where arerepparttar 141342 Christians?"

When I was growing up in Ohio inrepparttar 141343 50's, I can remember going to school as a first grader and listening to my teacher read a Bible story each morning. I know for sure that my first, second, third and fourth grade teachers read Bible stories each morning. We also recitedrepparttar 141344 Lord's prayer as part of our opening exercises. I can remember Thanksgiving programs, Christmas programs, and Easter programs all having Christian themes. I recall as a high school student inrepparttar 141345 early 60's my English teacher reading fromrepparttar 141346 Bible as part ofrepparttar 141347 class. I became a teacher myself in 1969, and I too hadrepparttar 141348 students reciterepparttar 141349 Lord's prayer inrepparttar 141350 opening exercises. The United States Supreme Court decided that to have prayer inrepparttar 141351 classroom was a violation ofrepparttar 141352 separation of church and state. And since then, things have gotten exceedingly worse. Today, in 1993, it is evident thatrepparttar 141353 humanists are determined to eradicate all evidence of Christian values and practice in both public education and government. Every time a new attack is made onrepparttar 141354 church byrepparttar 141355 humanists, I wonder, "Where arerepparttar 141356 Christians?"

I recall when I was a youngster one never heard profanity on television. Nudity on television was simply unheard of. The television programs inrepparttar 141357 50's and early 60's were wholesome. Programs like "Leave It To Beaver," "Ozzie & Harriet," and "Mr. Ed" wererepparttar 141358 norm. Now you can not turn onrepparttar 141359 television without being exposed to profanity ofrepparttar 141360 grossest nature and nudity is commonplace. Extra martial affairs are promoted every day onrepparttar 141361 "soaps." Violence of every kind is exhibited night after night on almost every channel. The talk shows which are on every evening exploitrepparttar 141362 most bizarre subjects, all inrepparttar 141363 name of educatingrepparttar 141364 public. Again, as I set in my family room and flip throughrepparttar 141365 channels with my remote control trying to find something decent to watch I wonder, "Where arerepparttar 141366 Christians?"

When I was a teenager and learned what homosexual meant, it was something that was scorned as a perverted life style. I can recall how people would talk about various movie stars that were reported to be homosexual, and how terrible it was that a person that was looked up to by so many would live like that. I did not personally know anyone who was homosexual. Now it seems that homosexuality is not only openly accepted byrepparttar 141367 "establishment," it seems as if it is being promoted daily. Program after program on television is designed to tell us that homosexual behavior is just an alternative life style. The President ofrepparttar 141368 United States is promoting homosexual behavior by attempting to forcerepparttar 141369 armed forces to openly accept homosexuals. "Gay Rights" groups are being treated byrepparttar 141370 media and many in government asrepparttar 141371 "good guys" while Christian opponents are painted asrepparttar 141372 "bad guys." Whenever I getrepparttar 141373 opportunity, as an educator, I speak out against homosexual behavior, and I find that these comments are received with contempt more and more often. Again I wonder, "Where arerepparttar 141374 Christians?"

Pornography is known to cause serious psychological problems later in life when it is available to and used by children. Yet these books and films are extremely easy to get, even by children. Not only are women exploited in this perverse material, but children as well. It is truly a sick mind that will take innocent children and photograph them in this manner, and an equally sick mind that gets pleasure from seeing those photographs. Need we ask, "Where arerepparttar 141375 Christians?"

Sex education is now being taught in almost every school district inrepparttar 141376 United States. In many casesrepparttar 141377 "education" thatrepparttar 141378 children are getting is promoting "safe sex" asrepparttar 141379 appropriate way to guard against life-threatening diseases such as aids. Children in elementary school are being taught how to put condoms on. Condoms are being distributed in high schools all across America underrepparttar 141380 guise of "protecting our youth." I have even heard that different methods of sexual activity are being taught. And if all this is not bad enough, our children are being taught that homosexual and bisexual conduct is normal and just an alternative to heterosexual conduct. Are you beginning to wonder, "Where arerepparttar 141381 Christians?"

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