Christian Woman

Written by Bill Naugle

Christian Woman Sarah (spirit of woman)

Do you wantrepparttar Power andrepparttar 138461 Anointing of The Holy Spirit? Do you wantrepparttar 138462 very character that comes fromrepparttar 138463 throne of God.? Women have a special anointing that comes from The Holy Spirit for a very powerful work here on earth. This anointing is revealed inrepparttar 138464 scriptures. The Word of God is powerful and is linked with this Anointing. Seek this anointing and you will find!

Small Things

Written by Linda S. Van Fleet

When my dad was nearingrepparttar end of his life he began searching his heart to see if there was anything left undone -- some unconfessed sin, a misdeed, anything at all he needed to make right before he faced God. He constantly prayed thatrepparttar 138460 Holy Spirit would bring to his remembrance anything he needed to make right with his fellowman. It was during this time that he came across a rusty old garden tiller atrepparttar 138461 edge of his garden. It belonged to a farmer downrepparttar 138462 road who had sold it to Dad, but, when it didn't work,repparttar 138463 farmer returned his money to him and told Dad just to bring it back any time. "I thought I took this back years ago," he told my mother as he pulledrepparttar 138464 tiller out ofrepparttar 138465 mass of weeds. "Well, I know you meant to do so," Mom replied. "It never did work. Just haul it torepparttar 138466 dump and forget it."

"It doesn't belong to me," Dad responded and started cleaningrepparttar 138467 tiller up, breaking it free fromrepparttar 138468 years of corrosion and debris. Finally, he loaded it on to his pickup truck and drove torepparttar 138469 farmer's house. The man was surprised to sayrepparttar 138470 least when Dad showed up withrepparttar 138471 forgotten tiller after so many years. When Dad apologized and offered to pay him for it,repparttar 138472 man responded with tears in his eyes, "Why, that thing never was any good! I amrepparttar 138473 one who tried to cheat you. You are an honest man."

When talking with him aboutrepparttar 138474 incident a few days later I remarked. "Dad, that was such a small thing! Surely you don't think God required you to take that old tiller back to him?"

"I don't rightly know," Dad acknowledged. "But when you pray and things like this happen, it's best not to take chances on missing out on receiving or being a blessing." Then his beautiful blue eyes misted with unshed tears, "And besides, I want to hear Jesus say, 'Well done'."

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