Christian In the Workplace PII How To Deal With Co-workers

Written by Richard Joseph Krejcir

How To Deal With Co-workers

This article is Part II of "How To Be a Christian Inrepparttar Workplace"

Keys To Building Better Relationships With Co-workers: Colossians 3:23; Galatians 6:9; Proverbs 12:24; 13:4; 19:15; 24:30-32; Titus 2: 9-20; 1Timothy 6:1-2; James 1: 8.

·To be interesting and liked, you need to be interested in and like others!

·Be open to others around you who can teach you more about your job!

·Care about what you do, and show you care.

·Be a pleasing and warm person, not a gossiper or conniver and schemer!

·Find an expert from whom you could learn insights about your job, so you can seek how to be better in it. No matter how long you have been there, you can always learn more, and ultimately becomerepparttar 127004 best you can be for our Lord!

·Avoid laziness and procrastination likerepparttar 127005 plague (Proverbs 10:4,5,2:11, 15:19; 18:9)!

·Remember, your work is an act of worship, since it is God you are serving!

·Reevaluate your attitude toward your employer and fellow employees as much as you can.

·Notice others in your workplace, how you can learn from them, and how you can come along side and help them!

·Focus on objectives, not obstacles, and make sure your objectives are clear!

·Be totally honest with your time, expenses, and relationships!

·Remember your workplace is also your most effective outreach. You may not be able to verbally sharerepparttar 127006 gospel, nor should you on work time, but you can be a Christ-like example so others will seek you out and ask you what makes you different!

Fighting Depression Inrepparttar 127007 Workplace Jeremiah 29:11

Make sure you have someone in your church you can talk to and vent to at times also, such as a small group or a trusted friend. Be growing in your faith and study ofrepparttar 127008 Word. That will make you stronger, and will enable you to better weatherrepparttar 127009 storms of life. Be aware that depression is usually a sign of a deeper problem. Thus, do not afraid to seek help. Even Moses, Elijah, and Jonah suffered from depression! The real problem is not so much on how you feel, but what arerepparttar 127010 root cause(s) of those feelings. Here are three ofrepparttar 127011 most common causes of depression--fatigue, fear, and frustration:

Fatigue! (Moses' problem) If you are a control freak, attempting to control everything and everyone around you, you will be riddled with anxiety. When you try to continue in a stressed out and hectic pace without delegating or having support, you will burn out. This will set you up for depression as well as many other problems! You cannot do it all! So, you need to be a team player, seeking out relationships and team building, not competition and antagonism. Moses' father-in-law had to teach him to delegate. (Numbers 11: 10-17).

Fear! (Elijah's problem) Whenever you try to manage all of your worries and fears, your body will break down. Instead of focusing on your depression, ask yourself, What isrepparttar 127012 worse case scenario? How can I get through it with help from God and others? Are my fears realistic? How can I let go of them? Elijah had to recognize that God was indeed in control and then learn too trust Him to handlerepparttar 127013 situations he was in (1 Kings 19: 1-18).

Frustration! (Jonah's problem) When you do not see a plan or purpose behindrepparttar 127014 trials and activities of your life, you will get confused, and even disillusioned! Eventually, hopelessness will come in and overpower you. We, as humans, need to feel significant and needed. Thus, when we feel our life has no meaning, we will become depressed. When we finally understand God's purpose for our life, or just trust Him for it, our depression will fade fast! Jonah had to also trust that God was in control and had a bigger plan that what he could envision (Jonah 1-4)!

Sometimes, life inrepparttar 127015 workplace can seem to be an endless rat race! Stop and rethink your actions, your attitudes, and your options. Search out these Scriptures on how you can improve your situation, understanding thatrepparttar 127016 best way we can do that is improve ourselves! Ask God to open your eyes and help you see His purpose and plan for your life. If you still feel disoriented and confused, focus onrepparttar 127017 character of Christ andrepparttar 127018 fruits ofrepparttar 127019 Spirit (Romans 12; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Peter 1:3-4) that we are to emulate, as this isrepparttar 127020 primary Will of God and what we are to heed! Remember, God made you. He loves you, and has something to say to you, so focus on Him and not your situation!

How To Get Excited For Work (when we usually dread it!)

When we stay in a rut or a bad situation with continual weariness and fatigue, we will lose our primary focus, be ineffective, become a stumbling block to others, burn out, or go into a depression. We will miss out on other options and opportunities, start to disintegrate into a person with a bad attitude, and even become ill!

I am mainly speaking about physical and emotional fatigue, which can turn into spiritual fatigue. There is no normal order. Each one could berepparttar 127021 one to start it off, andrepparttar 127022 other two will soon follow! Thus, frustration, stress, worry, anger, guilt, indecision, unrealistic expectations, resentment, and many other negative emotions will accumulate and then compile upon ourselves to bring us down in our personal relationships, family, and our relationship to God. We, therefore, will not be able to function as He called us, nor will we be able to worship, as is our primary reason for being and existing in life! Work, which is supposed to be a tool for living and an opportunity for outreach, becomes our focus and sole life, when it is not to be so.

Christ In You means No Degrees to Spirituality

Written by Aleck Cartwright

The Myth of Degrees of Spirituality

I do not agree that there are degrees of spirituality, or that there is anything a believer can do or not do to be more or less pleasing to God. Read on to see why there is actually no heirarchy of spirituality in Christianity.

The Bible clearly speaks ofrepparttar fact ofrepparttar 127003 indwelling Christ, our only hope of Glory. We are told that we live byrepparttar 127004 righteousness of God. That we partake of eternal life and divine nature, that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. If all this were true as we read inrepparttar 127005 word of God, then why are so we quick to attempt to explain it away as a figment of our imagination?

This "in Christ" position isrepparttar 127006 most often mentioned doctrinal statement inrepparttar 127007 whole ofrepparttar 127008 Bible, more than baptism, communion, faith, love or anything else. Yetrepparttar 127009 centrality of all of these doctrinal statement is made perfect and complete in Christ asrepparttar 127010 central figure of all that exists.

The world,repparttar 127011 angels, heaven and earth and every living thing is brought together in Him, and by Him they exist. By Him were they all created, in His name and by His power. It is through Him that we live and move and have our being. Though sinhas tainted much of creation, God is still Lord of All and every knee in heaven and earth will tultimately bow to Him. Every man is answerable to God as His creator, in fact, it isrepparttar 127012 ultimate betrayal forrepparttar 127013 created to denyrepparttar 127014 existence and need for His creator. Like an atheist on His funeral day, all dressed up and nowhere to go. In their denial they are judged and given what they want, an eternity in Hell, apart fromrepparttar 127015 presence of God.

God is just and righteous and when Jesus said,"Be holy even as your father in heaven is holy." He was giving man a clue of His ultimate salvation. If you are inrepparttar 127016 Son, thenrepparttar 127017 Son dwells in you. The spirit of Christ ultimately fulfilled whatrepparttar 127018 law in all of it's perfection, was unattainable and impossible to fulfill for man. The Law through our own failings to uphold it, leads us to a God who gives us a part of Himself, a rib so to speak,whereby we may live by His righteousness to His glory.

In order to be a son we must partake ofrepparttar 127019 Father's nature, nothing short of that will do. If we haverepparttar 127020 son we have life, becauserepparttar 127021 life is inrepparttar 127022 Son. Spirit brings forth spirit. We live byrepparttar 127023 faith, love, peace and righteousness of God (1 Cor. 1:30).

Apart from Christ, we are nothing. If our identity is in Christ we become one with Him, just as two become one in marriage, we take on a new self and a new identity in Him. We do not become God, but we do become as Him, He does not become us but He does become as us!

So if we haverepparttar 127024 righteousness of God, what of sin? Do we have no sin? Can we do wat we like knowing thatrepparttar 127025 righteousness of God covers any evil? This is not a license to sin and neither does it disregardrepparttar 127026 fact that we still sin.

The answer is in 1 John, for there is a sin unto death which we do not pray for, this is a sin out of a sinful nature andrepparttar 127027 only way out of this is to have Christ in us as an exchanged nature, sin is put out and Christ is our righteousness through salvation. There is also a sin not unto death, where we still sin, but our new nature in Christ offers us forgiveness, in place of our old nature which gave usrepparttar 127028 wage of death. Forrepparttar 127029 sin not unto death we pray for and God is faithful and willing to forgive us of all unrighteousness.

There is not two types of righteousness, one by Christ and another by us, for none is righteous before God, for all have sinned and fallen short ofrepparttar 127030 glory of God. We are spiritual beings, but that dimension of our lives,repparttar 127031 third dimension, (body being first dimension,repparttar 127032 soul (mind will and emotion) being second),repparttar 127033 spirit (the third dimension) is not utilised fully until Christ fills it and becomesrepparttar 127034 fourth dimension to our lives. Where ordinary becomes extraordinary and natural becomes supernatural.

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